Gameranx is all about videogames. Not only do we cover the news—we often break it, too. You'll find (almost) everything you'll need to stay up to date about the games worth playing, and the industry and community surrounding the hobby we're most passionate about—gaming.

Our site is staffed by a dedicated crew of writers and freelance contributors passionate about their craft, whose works have appeared in respected publications much more well known than the one you're reading—but hey, we're getting there, or so we'd like to think.

It's no big secret that when the site first started, we meant to take on Metacritic. Hence the name. As you can obviously tell, that didn't work out so well, and we discovered that we were a lot better at covering (and as I mentioned before—breaking) the news and putting up editorials, critiques and features worth reading. You'll also find plenty lists here, because they're fun to write, and they're also fun to read. Not the boring kind, mind you—just the good, interesting kind.

We like to consider ourselves professionals, because we are. We're paid for this. I was paid to write this very piece, you know. So because we're professionals, you can expect some modicum of professionalism in everything you read on Gameranx. Except for this paragraph, which I'm making as an exception to the rule I just made up on the spot. If we don't meet your standard, feel free to call us out on it. We're big fans of the concept of "improvement" over here. Which is everywhere, because we come from all over the world.

That's another thing you'll get from Gameranx: diverse perspectives. I'm happy to say that we're host to one of the most diverse groups of people I've ever had the opportunity to work with.

If you'd like to get touch with us, e-mail me.

Ian Miles Cheong, Lead Editor

Ian Miles Cheong is a writer based out of Malaysia, a country located a little ways north of the equator. In addition to writing for Gameranx, Ian is an occasional contributor of Fork Party and Critical Distance. When he isn’t spending time in front of his gaming PC, he drowns himself in work and lattes at local coffee shops. You can usually find him airing his uncensored opinion on Twitter

Annie Dennisdóttir Wright, Lead Editor

Annie Dennisdóttir Wright is a sarcastic jerk based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. In addition to Gameranx, she is a contributor at Gamer Melodico and the Steampunk Workshop, and has also been known to threaten people with a camera when equipped with a press badge. She drinks too much coffee, enjoys roller skating and motorcycles (but not at the same time. Anymore.), and tries not to breathe the fumes when frequently operating a soldering iron. Annie can be found on Twitter.

Dennis Patrick, Community Manager

Dennis is a 19 year old from Michigan. For as long as he can remember, Dennis has been fascinated by games and technology. Dennis writes all tech-related news posts on Gameranx and enjoys being a part of a team that enjoys having him around as much as he does. You can follow Dennis on twitter.

Jacob Saylor, Contributor

Jacob Saylor is a contributing news reporter to Gameranx. You can follow Jacob on twitter.

Josh Wanamaker, Contributor

Josh Wanamaker is a contributing news reporter to Gameranx.