Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs

Black Ops 2 is full of easter eggs. Here's our attempt to catalogue them.

by on 13th Nov, 2012

Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs

Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs

The Call of Duty series has always offered a wealth of easter eggs. Saving the world from nazis, terrorists and communists may be serious business, but that hasn’t stopped the Call of Duty series from taking things easy every so often with movie references, teddy bears, and tributes to internet memes.

In the first game, it was possible to escape from the chair you’re strapped in during the main menu. By pulling the left and right triggers while strapped into the interrogation chair, it was possible to free yourself and wander about the room. Doing so would even earn you an accomplishment—though you’d still be locked inside the room until you finished the game.

Once freed from the chair, you could even interact with a computer terminal that allowed you to mess around with an early, 1960s style operating system. The system itself contained an arcade game called “Dead Ops Arcade”. It was playable, and it even had a set of achievements tied to it.

Those little tidbits of history aside, Black Ops 2 contains just as many easter eggs, a few of which have been discovered so far by early adopters of the game. Like easter eggs of any variety, you’ll have to go out of your way to discover where they are. Click on the next slide to find out what’s in store for you in Black Ops 2.

Be aware that the following pages contain spoilers if you intend to discover these easter eggs for yourself. We'll be updating this page as more easter eggs become available. 

Note: Be sure to check out our Teddy Bear locations guide if you’re down with finding some of these elusive toys in Black Ops 2’s zombies mode.

Shooting Hoops in Raid

There’s a basketball court on the Raid map in Black Ops 2. You can actually shoot hoops in the map, as WoodysGamerTag shows how to in the video above.

There’s a hidden cave within one of the game’s single player campaign missions that hides Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.


Hidden Zombie Reference in Standoff
The multiplayer map Standoff has a small easter egg hidden within the form of a post-it note on one of the whiteboards. It may be a sign of things to come—and a suggestion that zombies may soon be infecting other maps beyond the ones they’re already in.


Nuketown Zombies Easter Egg Song

Just yesterday, I was thinking about what it’d be like to record a techno song made up entirely of dogs barking. This is kind of the same thing, but with zombie sounds instead of dogs.

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