Top 10 Best Wii Games of all time

Without a doubt Nintendo has some of the best first party games available on the system. Here's our list of the Top 10 best wii games of all time.

by on 21st Dec, 2010

The Wii, while not the most glamorous console of the current generation, has very diverse offerings, including a lot of titles that are not available elsewhere. While it can be difficult, particularly if one only has room in the budget for one console, to opt for the one with the least amount of multi-platform titles available, we've put together a list of games which make a case in favor of the Wii.  

#10 Rock Band 3 

rock band 3

We all know and love Rock Band, by this point. Well, I suppose not everyone, but those people probably also don't like puppies, candy, or life itself, because you'd pretty much have to have no soul in order not to find at least one song within Rock Band's cumulative playlist that doesn't make you feel like the champion of the world, even if you're playing on easy. 

The particularly magical thing about RB3, though, is not just a solid setlist, but the addition of a keyboard peripheral. This was a fairly revolutionary concept when it was first revealed, and it could, if poorly done, have easily gone the way of Power Gig: Rise of the Six String. Meaning that often, when games try, in simulating such a subjective aspect of reality such as playing a musical instrument, to make the experience as realistic as possible, it can often come across as a bit half-assed. Or at the very least, combining facets of frustration and boredom in such a way that the experience does the opposite of what games are supposed to do, which is challenge, entertain, and reward. 

The only downside of Rock Band 3 (and indeed, the entire series) is that you do need to acquire all of the peripherals in order to really enjoy it, which can be expensive. And unless you're prepared to have your living room in Rock Band mode at all times, you'd better be prepared to find a fairly roomy storage space. 

#9 Okami 

okami wii

The world has become dreary and dismal in a way that only a sun god can fix. Orochi, a monster who was dormant for a very long time, has risen once more, and laid waste to the land. Enter Shiranui, a white wolf who is actually an embodiment of Amaterasu, Shinto deity of light.  

This game, originally released on PS2, is a natural for the Wii due to the wielding of the Celestial Brush, which is used in both puzzles and combat. Drawing various shapes with the brush can attack enemies, draw in architectural elements, and perform various other magical tasks, many of which are essential to gameplay. It also helps that the lush watercolor-esque environment is somewhat enhanced from the original version in its Wii incarnation. This game is a must-have for any Wii fan, even if you've already played the PS2 version. 

#8 World of Goo 

world of goo

This physics-based puzzle game seems like it would be kind of boring at first play: one must link a bunch of goo-blobs together to form a tower or bridge that spans to a pipe, which then collects the goo blobs. Seems simple enough, right? Except that as the levels progress, and more tools are introduced, such as balloons which can help hold bridges up, or be used to remove obstacles, so too are new challenges introduced to the environment. Spikes will destroy the balloons, and murky pits will eat the goo blobs, so players must take care to be conservative with resources. 

The gameplay is engaging, but what makes the game is the sense of humor which underlies the entire scenario. It is never really explained how or why the goo blobs came to be in their predicament, but one cannot help but become a bit attached to them as they squeal and giggle, with never a complaint as they meet as untimely demise. 

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