Top 10 Best Wii Games of all time

Without a doubt Nintendo has some of the best first party games available on the system. Here's our list of the Top 10 best wii games of all time.

by on 21st Dec, 2010

#3 Resident Evil 4 

resident evil 4 wii

This is one of the few survival horror games to make it onto the Wii platform, but coming from such a strong series, it is difficult to see why this does not happen more often. After all, the Wii may not be the most powerful console of the current generation, but it does well enough, graphics-wise, and there is great potential for survival horror and adventure games in particular, with regard to fighting and movement. 

Resident Evil 4 has players take on the role of Leon S. Kennedy, who is charged with rescuing the daughter of the President of the United States during the ongoing zombie apocalypse that began during the first game of the series. The game is satisfying for fans of the series, but there are a few new aspects which distinguish it from previous titles. First of all, bullets shot at enemies are location-specific, meaning that if you hit the zombie in the leg, he takes damage specifically in the leg. While this does make ranged attacks more difficult, I personally am in favor, as it will only make everyone that much more prepared in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. Or at the very least, people will have slightly more realistic expectations.  

One of the other new concepts that's introduced here is the "dynamic cut scene". While it's not unusual in many cases to have to press a button to advance dialogue every once in a while, these scenes differ in that the actions for which the player is responsible for actions within these cut scenes which can affect outcomes, or potentially result in death.  

This one is worth picking up, particularly if the Wii is your only console due to budgetary constraints or being "for the kids". Just save it for after the kids go to bed. Unless you, like me, believe that everything we do and see in life must be made relevant to zombie apocalypse preparedness. Then you should probably make it mandatory.

#2 Super Smash Bros Brawl 

super smash bros

Fighter games are a classic genre within the world of video games. Dating back to the days before online multi-player, when players were forced to stand right next to each other when playing, this genre dares to answer the question: "What could be better than beating the crap out of your friends?". Answer: Beating the crap out of your friends in the form of cute, cuddly Nintendo characters. 

Super Smash Bros Brawl very much upholds the rules and enjoyment of the rest of the Smash Bros series with better settings and graphics, as one might expect. Rather than killing opponents, emphasis is placed on knocking them off the screen. An unusual feature of this series in contrast with most brawlers is the ability to obtain and use items. While this is common in side-scrolling "beat-em-ups", it's not as typical in arena fighters. This game is enjoyable on both a hardcore and casual basis, and is simple enough that anyone can enjoy it.  

#1 Super Mario Galaxy 2 

kirby epic yarn wii

Bursting with new features and gameplay elements, there’s something for everyone in probably the best 3D platformers of all time. Super Mario Galaxy 2 offers levels difficult enough to challenge the most confident of players but also offers areas for casual players to enjoy. Even the two player modes are so well designed that it's just as much fun to play with your friend.

Your faithful friend Yoshi plays an increasingly important role in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and he has a special new feature. When he eats a light bulb-shaped berry, he emits a brilliant light to reveal hidden areas, but watch out as the ability only lasts a short while so Mario and Yoshi need to grab more berries to keep the platform they’re standing on secure!

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