Top 10 Best Current-gen RPGs that shouldn't be missed

The current-generation of gaming has seen some amazing RPGs released for different platforms. Here's our list of the Top 10 Current-gen RPGs that shouldn't be missed.

by on 22nd Dec, 2010

Recently, I've been playing a lot of vintage titles, having rediscovered some older consoles that I'd stashed in my closet and forgotten. It felt like catching up with old friends over the holidays. Nostalgic, familiar, but it can also make you appreciate your current situation that much more. Likewise, with these games, though I loved them, it also inspired me to round up some favorites from the current generation, which are blessed with, among other things, positively stellar graphics in comparison. Here are ten of our top RPGs from the current generation! 

#10 Nier - PS3, 360 


A father, a foul-mouthed lingerie-wearing possessed woman, and a magical talking book must team up to save the life of a little girl, and drive evil from the land. This title, a recent but often overlooked release from Square Enix has been fairly divisive among players. Those who like it appreciate the top-notch soundtrack and general environment of the game, which is rather like some of the later Final Fantasy titles, but without the turn-based combat.  

Common criticisms from detractors usually have to do with one of three things: 1) There are a few bosses which can only be defeated with very specific actions, and often have a stun lock attack which gets frustrating very quickly. 2) The mode of gameplay temporarily shifts several times throughout the game to other formats, including overhead perspective and even text-based at one point, and for no readily apparent reason. 3) The fishing quests are notorious for being very difficult. However, if the player follows the red "X" on the map and fishes from the correct spot, these quests are not so bad, and the correct fish is eventually granted by the game if the player is having too much trouble, in the interest of time. On the whole, this title is worth a shot for any fantasy RPG fan, particularly for those interested in post-apocalyptic scenarios with slight steampunk leanings.

#9 Tales of Vesperia - Xbox 360, PS3 

tales of vesperia

This is the tenth title in Namco's Tales series and features a satisfying story set on the planet Terca Lumireis. On this planet, "blastia",  ancient technologies developed by the elf-like Krytians that powers most aspects of human society is in high demand, and must be powered with a substance called "are", which, in large enough amounts is actually poisonous to humans. All access to these technologies is controlled by the Empire, under whose rules all humans live except for those who have left society to form guilds, which are essentially tribes that live outside the  protection and rules of the Empire.  

When the blastia responsible for providing water to Yuri's underclass neighborhood is stolen, he decides to go after the thief, only to meet up with several other misfits with whom he decides to form a guild, having been disenchanted with the ways of the Empire along the way. The group then encounters a mysterious Krytian woman who is out to destroy all the blastia, and an evil guild leader Barbos, and events are set in motion which cause the newly formed guild to have to fight to save not just their own lives, but their world. With a battle system built upon the one from Tales of the Abyss, this cautionary tale about excess and sustainability is sure to leave fans of the Tales series thoroughly satisfied. 

#8 Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360 

lost odyssey

Of all the games on the list, this one comes closest to seeming like a Final Fantasy title without actually being one, especially since the music was written by Nobuo Uematsu. Lost Odyssey, released by Mistwalker, could easily pass as a Square Enix title.  

Immortal man Kiam Argonar has amnesia, and has been wandering the world for a millennium without knowing who he is. He has survived a meteor impact, wars, monsters and various forms of enchantment. Combat is turn-based with 7 playable characters, and the cutscenes are particularly worth watching in this beautifully rendered game. 

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