Black Ops 2 Quick Tips to Become a Master Assassin

Here's a list of quick tips that will help improve your game in Black Ops 2's multiplayer.

by on 5th Dec, 2012

Unless you're a developer who's worked on Black Ops 2, chances are there's a thing or two about its multiplayer that you didn't know about. Well, we're now to help fill in that gap. Now, before you read on, this is not a a de-facto list of everything that needs to be known in multiplayer. But rather, it's a handy list of tips that might help you get a higher score in each game, as well as help out when it comes to completing the game's various multiplayer challenges.

So, without further ado, let's get down to it.

1) Unlock Scorestreak Rewards When Using the Care Package for Challenges

Have you ever gotten the Attacking Dogs or Warthog in a Care Package but once you check your Challenges, the meter isn't moving? Well, as it turns out, you need to unlock that particular reward first. So, if you're rocking a Care Package as one of your Scorestreak Rewards, use some of that Unlock Tokens lying around to make sure whatever you get counts towards the Challenges, alright?

2) Playing without a Secondary Weapon, Don't Switch to Pick Weapons Up

For Black Ops 2's Pick 10 system, it's entirely feasible to not have a secondary weapon to add more Perks or equipment since it's quite easy to just get any weapon off the ground from fallen enemies or comrades. However, there's one thing some people forget when picking weapons up when you're not rocking a secondary -- it's that you don't need to switch to your combat knife before picking it up. So, if you only have an Assault Rifle/SMG, etc. don't switch, but just pick the weapon up and it won't replace your primary. I can't even tell you how many times I died picking weapons up and it took so long to do it.

3) Use Launchers/EMP Grenades and Black Hats Instead of Bullets When Taking Out Turrets, Guardians and the Like

This might be seen as commonsense by some but it bears mentioning. When taking out Turrets, Guardians, AGRs and the like, use a launcher -- specifically the FHJ-18 AA -- to take them out instead of shooting at them. The FHJ locks on to these annoying Scorestreak Rewards so you won't die while trying to unload two magazines of your gun when taking them out.

Either use those or toss an EMP grenade to destroy or disable them temporarily. For those using the Black Hats, it's even better. Just create a class that has that specific task in mind instead of just shooting at the damn things, alright?

4) Don't Use a UAV When a Counter-UAV is Deployed by the Enemy

Again, this is pretty straightforward stuff, but I can't even count how many times my random teammates use a UAV when the enemy has a Counter-UAV up. See that blurred out radar? Yeah, those red dots won't appear while its blurred out. Also, if somebody deploys an Orbital VSAT, don't waste your UAVs, too. 

5) Throw Hunter Killer Drones at Un-Capped Flags in Domination

Aside from the UAV, the Hunter Killer drone might be the next Scorestreak Reward most used. So once you do get one, don't just randomly throw it when playing Domination. Instead, throw it an un-capped flag or the enemy's flag. It has a way higher chance of hitting someone there instead of "wasting" it by randomly throwing it out. Also, it has a higher chance of getting multiple kills when done so.

6) EMP Grenades Will Net You a Ton of Points, So Use Them 

EMP grenades are under-utilized by people in Black Ops 2 for some reason. That's a big mistake as tossing an EMP 'nade near a chokepoint or "hot spot" and you're bound to affect someone. Once it does so, expect that "+50" score to keep popping up on your screen while your team mows everyone down. Also, it's effect is longer compared to the flashbang or concussion grenade and it penetrates walls, too. 

7) Ground War Will Net You More XP

While almost everyone is playing the standard Team Deathmatch game mode, if you want to level up faster, play Ground War instead. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that going up against nine enemies in every match compared to six will earn you more XP. It's pefect for those who want to Prestige much faster. Also, the game modes for Ground War are TDM, Domination and Kill Confirmed, all of which will let you rack up points and XP in a bunch when played properly.

8) "Door" Tip on Drone

Drone might be one of the most loathed maps in Black Ops 2 for now and most of it has to do with those damn automated doors that act as "early warning devices" for those watching guard over it. So if you're one of those annoyed by it, try shooting at it instead to catch people off-guard. Yep, shooting the doors will open 'em even if you're not close to it. Not a bad way to spook someone camping near it, no?

9) How to Get Diamond Camos for Shotguns More Efficiently

Shotguns might be one of the hardest or easiest to get Diamond camos on. It depends on your point-of-view, but for those in the former category, Reddit user TonyTastey has listed a way on how to get Gold camos for each shotgun.

The main challenges to unlock gold camo for each shotgun are:

  • 250 one shot kills

  • 10 bloodthirsty medals (5 kills without dying)

  • 50 kills with no perks

  • 50 kills with no attachements

These are the ones you have to try for - the revenge medals and double kills will happen organically so there's no need to worry about them. I like to bang out no perks and no attachments at the same time, kill two birds with one stone.

  • R870: This is by far the best and easiest shotgun to unlock gold for. I'd say about 75% of your shots will be one shot kills so it should take you about 350 total kills to get your 250 one-shot medals. Best attachments are laser sight and long barrel.

  • S12: This is where shit starts to get tricky to get one shot kills, because the one-shot kill range on this gun is about half of what it is on the R8, so you reeeeally gotta close the distance if you're going to fire from the hip. I found it was a lot easier to get one-shots by quick scoping. I heard somewhere that if you ADS with a shotgun it tightens the buck spread and helps ensure more damage at a greater range, so I used Primary Gunfighter with the quickdraw handle, long barrel and the laser sight. I think I ended up with around 800 total kills before I got all my one shot medals.

  • KSG: Holy fuck this gun is weird, but awesome in its own right. It's a one shot kill 95% of the time so there are no worries in that department. It's hard as shit to use though so the bloodthirsty medals will be a bitch. Very slow time in between shots so you can't just run through a crowd of people. Also, you have to be dead-the-fuck-on with it, as it doesn't fire a spread but a single slug. On top of that, there seem to be some weird things you can do to throw the aim off, like crouching as you fire or firing multiple shots without re-scoping. I found it easiest to use the long barrel for EVEN MORE range, and the quick draw handle + dexterity so I could quick scope super fast with it. This seemed the most effective method for handling large groups - ADS fire ADS fire ADS fire. Good fucking luck.

  • M1216: One shot kills with this gun are a bitch. My advice is to thwart the system and play some Hardcore FFA, otherwise you are going to end up like me with 1000+ total kills before getting 250 one-shots. Other than that, laser sight and long barrel. Bloodthirstys will come pretty easy on this one - just remember that while the clip is 16, it can only fire 4 shots rapidly before needing a quick break. At normal distances you usually need 2-3 to bring someone down, so in most cases a full clip is only good for 4 kills. Just something to think about as you go for the 5 kill streaks.

  • I usually run Perk 1 greed with Lightweight + Ghost to help keep me off the radar while I go for 5 kill streaks. Ghost works great with shotguns + lightweight because you never stop moving so it's always active. Perk 2 is optional. I usually go with Cold Blooded just to make me that much harder to spot. Perk 3 is depends on which shotgun you are using. I use Extreme Conditioning regardless, but with the KSG I double up using Perk 3 Greed and add in Dexterity because ADSing is so crucial on that gun. It's also a great bonus to be able to climb shit quickly.

Overall I think shotguns are fun as fuck in this game, and I had a great time working through each one, learning their strengths and weaknesses. But most of all I love catching the enemy off guard and shoving a shotgun shell up their ass! Best way to play BLOPS2 IMO. Have fun!

10) How to Get the "Cherry Blossom" and "Art of War" Camos Faster

For those looking to net the Gold camo for their guns, the two most annoying challenges are the Cherry Blossom camo and the Art of War camo. Getting these two means you should get X number of kills with no Perks and getting X number of kills with weapon attachments. Sadly, they're a necessary evil for those who want to get the Gold camo and in turn, get the Diamond camo for their weapon type.

Lucky for us, Reddit user BulletImperium has the best solution: Instead of joining Team Deatmatch, Domination or even Ground War to get them faster, Join Free-for-All instead and take out all your Perks and weapon attachments to tackle both challenges at once. Doing this shouldn't take you longer than six to eight games if you're a decent player. That's way better than playing countless hours on TDM, right? 

So there you have it. Hopefully these tips will make you a better Black Ops 2 player and aid you in your mission in completing challenges and getting those Gold camos. 

Do you have any other tips you'd like to share that we forgot to mention? Help your fellow Black Ops 2 player out in the comments.

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