17 Luckiest Kills That'll Blow Your Mind

The best kills are sometimes the result of luck, and not skill. Here are some of the luckiest kills that blew our minds.

by on 12th Dec, 2012

17 Lucky Multiplayer Kills

luckiest kills

Killing other bros in online multiplayer games, especially in competitive first person shooters, typically requires a lot of skill and the patience to hone that skill into something you can perform often and with consistency. It's no good to be able to just dominate one round and completely mess up your K:D ratio in the next.

That said, there's something special about getting a lucky kill. Throwing a tomahawk all the way across the map to bounce off a surface and strike someone square in the face to get the round ending kill comes to mind as a really lucky kill. As does tossing a grenade willy nilly to get a multikill on several unlucky players huddled in a corner.

With the latter kills in mind, we've decided to put together a showcase of all the luckiest kills we've spotted in online first person shooters that portray players killing other players not through sheer skill, but through a shit-ton of luck over all else. If we were gamblers, we'd say the odds for any of these things happening more than once are at least a million to one. Lucky for all of us, they've been captured on video to be remembered for all time—or at least until YouTube goes down.

#17 Black Ops Lucky Tomahawk Kill

It's not too difficult to throw a tomahawk at someone and kill them with it, but doing it all the way across the map requires quite a bit of luck.

#16 Luckiest BF3 Tank Shot

What's more satisfying than taking out a helicopter with a tank? Doing so without actually intending to.

#15 Halo 4 Lucky Stick

Throwing a sticky bomb at a launch pad in hopes of hitting something upon the ricochet is a bit like playing the lottery. Well, this guy won.

#14 Tribes Ascend Lucky Fusion Mortar Shot

Nothing's more terrifying than getting bombarded by a mortar in Tribes: Ascend. But dying from a lucky shot's gotta hurt your pride.

#13 Far Cry 2 Mortar Kill

If there's one thing Far Cry 3 lacks, it's mortars. Goddamn.

#12 Spin and Throw

A bit like throwing a discus at the Olympics, except spinning around doesn't really do much except make you look cool for replays.

#11 Halo 3: Extremely Lucky Plasma Grenade Throw

Another lucky plasma grenade kill. These things require more luck than skill to use because of the bounce, honestly.

#10 Battlefield 3: One Hell(icopter) of a Shot

#9 Lucky Uncharted 2 Grenade Kill

#8 Luckiest MW3 Knife Throw

#7 Battlefield 3 Headshot Mid-air

#6 Lucky Halo 3 No Scope: 6 Ricochets

#5 MW2 Luckiest Takedown Ever

#4 Luckiest Halo 3 Sniper: 4 for 1

#3 TF2 Taunt Kill

#2 Luckiest Halo 3 Stick

#1 Battlefield 3: Luckiest Grenade Kill

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