Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2013

Best Xbox 360 Games 2013: Microsoft's Xbox 360 console may be several years old, but 2013's lineup of games for the Xbox 360 is going to prove to be its finest.

by on 12th May, 2013

Xbox 360 Games of 2013

top xbox 360 games 2013

Update: We've updated this list with a couple new titles that we believe will land their way right onto the forefront of games this year, while removing some lesser titles that failed to make the cut in light of their releases.

Platform exclusives are abound, and every major gaming platform is getting its own set of titles next year. As the Xbox 360 has been out for the longest amount of time among the current generation, it may be the only platform with the least major exclusives. With that said, it also remains the platform with the most players and the most active online community pretty much thanks to both its age and Xbox Live. With that in mind, there's plenty of reason to get these upcoming titles on the Xbox 360, especially if you plan on playing with friends.

Being the most popular gaming platform on the market enables the Xbox 360 to also be home to almost every game you could ever want to play next year with (and this is completely arguable) the most online support, unless they're exclusive to either the PC or the PlayStation 3.

Cooperative and competitive online games particularly benefit from the Xbox Live's community systems, and you can certainly expect some of these games to be host to exclusive timed DLCs before any of the other versions gets them.

Without further ado, here are our ten most wanted games for the Xbox 360 in 2013. Simply click on the next slide to begin.

10. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is the latest Ubisoft franchise that's set to grace the Xbox 360 and its next-gen counterpart. Though not exclusive to the Xbox 360, it's certainly going to feature the best online features of all the consoles due to the Xbox 360's superiority in that aspect.

Set in the modern day, the game is expected to play much like the Assassin's Creed series, but sees the protagonist endowed with the ability to hack and twist technology to his whim as he strikes fear into the hearts of evil men who've escaped—or operate within—the long reach of the law.

First announced at E3 2012, the game has seen numerous demos played on current-gen platforms, which gives us good reason to believe that the game will be everything it appears to be when it comes out later this year.

Release Date: November 19, 2013

9. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Revengeance is a game in which you slice and dice your opponents with a katana blade strong enough to cut apart the strongest metals. It's also set as a part of Hideo Kojima's increasingly elaborate Metal Gear series of games. 

Step aside, BlendTec—Revengeance's protagonist, Raiden, is a human blender, and he can cut through just about anything you throw at him. In fact, apart from what is probably set to be a complicated and mind-bogglingly written storyline, the biggest part of the game is about slicing things into smaller bits. 

Release Date: Available Now

8. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an attempt to do for DC’s superheroes what Rocksteady’s Arkham series of games did for Batman in videogames. Coming from the makers of Mortal Kombat, Injustice will pit hero against hero, and villain against villain in an over-the-top and new take on the DC Comics universe. 

Each of the characters within Injustice will be defined by their superpowers and the gadgets they use defeat to one another in mortal combat. The stages of the game are based on iconic locations within the DC Comics universe, such as the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude, featuring destructible environments, multiple tiers, and objects with which the player can interact. 

The game is set to offer both offline and online modes, allowing players to take to the internet to test their mettle against opponents all over the world. 

Release Date: Available Now

7. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is the latest game in the Tomb Raider franchise, but unlike the sequels of yesteryear, it’s set to reboot the entire series with a new, grittier storyline and a more human Lara Croft as its main character. 

Far from being the jewel thief/dinosaur hunter/world adventurer of the previous games, Lara Croft is instead cast as a young woman who survives a plane wreck on a remote and uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific. She faces personal horrors unlike anything she’s ever had to deal with and is thrust into the role of a survivor as she takes the life of a man for the very first time, in self defense. 

Armed with a bow, Lara Croft must venture across the island, investigate the excavated ancient ruins, and deal with a group of mercenaries who have enslaved other survivors of the plane crash she was on. 

Release Date: Available Now

6. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the sixth installment in the long-running series and takes its protagonist, Sam Fisher, back to his roots, as he’s recalled into active duty within the newly formed Fourth Echelon, an elite team drawn from different agencies to operate in a mobile environment and travel the globe to perform missions assigned by the President. 

The high-tech counterterrorist outfit must deal with something called “The Blacklist”, a plan of escalating terror attacks throughout the world. It’s up to Sam Fisher and his team to stop the terrorists before the countdown launched by “The Blacklist” reaches zero. 

Release Date: August 20, 2013

5. Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is set to offer the return of Isaac Clarke as he braves an alien planet in search of the source of the Marker, which threatens to doom humanity. 

He’s not alone this time around, and is supported by the likes of John Carver, an EDF officer who’s every bit as invested in ending the Necromorph outbreak as Clarke is.

The two run into one another while en route to the icy planet of Tau Volantis to confront the Marker, and players will assume their roles in online two-player co-op. 

Release Date: Available Now

4. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is being developed on a powerful next-gen engine and features Destruction 4.0 — allowing for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 style effects — tessellation and dynamic weather effects. As with Battlefield 3, the next entry in the series' primary platform will be PC.

More than just a yearly upgrade, the game will come with a host of improvements to the way its maps are set. For instance, each map in the game will be subject to various weather conditions including fog, sandstorms, rain and haze with these being completely random according to the leak.

This, and a dedicated single-player campaign will be part and parcel of the next-gen Battlefield 4 experience.

Release Date: Q4 2013

3. Bioshock Infinite

From the makers of Bioshock comes Bioshock Infinite, a game set in an imaginary world of the early 1900s. It takes place aboard the flying city of Columbia, a city of American ideals that’s plunged into civil war by two main factions that are not unlike the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement in the real world. 

You play the role of Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent who takes on a contract to retrieve a mysterious young woman named Elizabeth. She apparently has the power to alter space and time.

Like the first Bioshock, the game is a social commentary on modern day America and the ideologies that stir within it. 

Release Date: Available Now

2. Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War: Judgment is one of the only triple A titles that’s set to be released as a platform exclusive for the Xbox 360, not unlike the previous games in the Gears of War franchise—only one of which was also released on the PC.

Judgment is set before the first of the first trilogy, and serves as the first game in a brand new trilogy of Gears titles starring the likes of Cole and Baird, instead of Marcus and Dom. Together with Kilo Squad, Cole and Baird must survive through the events of Emergence Day and deal with the Locust as they threaten the extinction of humanity on the planet Sera.

Release Date: Available Now

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA 5 as we like to call it, is our most wanted game of 2013 on the Xbox 360. Despite being released as a multiplatform title that’s also available on the PS3, GTA 5 is a game that finds itself home on everything it’s on, much like its predecessors thanks to Rockstar’s efforts to deliver a sterling title no matter the platform. 

GTA 5 is set in a modern day analogue of Los Angeles and sees the player in control of three main characters instead of a single protagonist for the first time ever. The three characters, all of whom are from different backgrounds, get together as a team of career criminals to perform heists and all sorts of other crimes. 

Like all other Rockstar games, GTA 5 will provide heavy social commentary that’ll undoubtedly be the cause of much discussion long after the game’s release early next year.

Release Date: September 17, 2013

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