Top 13 Holy Shit Gaming Moments of 2012

These moments can range from scripted events designed by the game developers themselves, to provide scenes which define players' memories of any given game.

by on 13th Jan, 2013

Holy Shit Gaming Moments 2012

holy shit gaming moments

Games are memorable for many reasons, but it's those special moments in games—the ones that make you say 'holy shit!' that burn themselves into the back of your mind and allow you to recall them each time those games are brought up.

These moments can range from scripted events designed by the game developers themselves, to provide scenes which define players' memories of any given game. Last year, Uncharted 3 offered much in the way of these experiences with sequences like the entire pirate ship mission, the airplane crash, and the dreamlike battle against fire spirits.

Games this year offered no shortage of memorable scenes and sequences that will be talked about for years to come. We've compiled some of the very best sequences in gaming this year, which you can see scattered throughout the following pages, where they can be found among certain multiplayer moments that left us reeling.

Without further ado, here are 13 of the year's greatest 'holy shit!' moments.

#13 MOH: Warfighter - "Your" a Warfighter

Alright ladies, get you're gear on. Do you see what's wrong with that sentence? I used "you're" instead of "your", an obvious mistake—and one that should've been easily caught by whoever edited the subtitles in Warfighter. Maybe they were going for authenticity by insinuating that the Delta Force guy you see in the cinematic spells it that way, but I doubt it.

#12 Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Moment

This is a thing that can happen in Black Ops 2 if and when you don't pay attention to your surroundings.

#11 Hitman Absolution: Charlie Chipmunk

If you thought Hitman Absolution was all serious business, this disguise should come as a bit of a shock.

#10 Resident Evil 6: Chris Redfield Playing Around

Chris Redfield takes some time out to have a bit of fun in the playground.

#9 Dishonored: Amazing Combo Possibility

Dishonored offers a fantastic setting and a host of great missions, but its combat is also one of its finest qualities, as evidenced in this video.

#8 Halo 4: Mantis Dance

Have you ever since a Halo 4 Mantis do the jiggy? If not, this video might prove that giant-ass mechs might hast have a future as dancers.

#7 Far Cry 3: Base Jumping

BASE jumping is one of the many awesome things you can do in Far Cry 3. There's few things more satisfying than flying.

#6 Resident Evil 6: Dinosaur

Dinosaurs aren't what you'd expect in a game about zombies, but there you go.

#5 Sleeping Dogs: Mrs Chu's Revenge

In one of Sleeping Dogs' darker moments, a grieving mom enacts her revenge upon the man who killed her son.

#4 Black Ops 2: SPOILER MOMENT

This one's a bit of a spoiler, but it's one that can go either way depending upon the player's choice. It's totally new to the Call of Duty series and that was enough to make us do a double take.

#3 Mass Effect 3: Ending

You probably weren't expecting any of these endings to happen at the end of Mass Effect 3, were you?

#2 Walking Dead: Episode 5 [Spoiler Moment]

In Telltale Games' excellent The Walking Dead, there was an instance where you had to chop off a man's foot off in order to save him. If you think that's cringe-worthy, that's nowhere near close to having someone cut off your arm with your consent! This is not for the faint of heart.

#1 Spec Ops: The Line - White Phosphorous [Spoiler]

This is the scene that defined Spec Ops: The Line. If you haven't yet played it, we'd recommend playing the game and experience it first hand.

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