Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games

The Xbox 360 revolutionized online gaming thanks to its Xbox Live multiplayer component. We take a look at the best multiplayer games available for the Xbox 360.

by on 28th Apr, 2013

Ever since its release in 2005, the Xbox 360 has been the go-to console for multiplayer gaming. Its success as an online gaming platform can be largely attributed to Xbox Live and its lively community. Although the community has a bad reputation due to the behavior of some of its users, it remains the most popular online platform in existence, surpassing both Steam and PSN by a large margin. That isn’t to say that its rivals won’t some day catch up with Microsoft’s offering, of course.

Let’s take a look at the latest titles driving the Xbox Live’s continued popularity.

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is the latest entry in the Forza Motorsport franchise, and one that attempts to make the game far more accessible than any of its predecessors. Set in a fictitious racing festival called the Horizon, in Colorado, the game offers large, open-world environments in which players can race a wide variety of cars, all of which enjoy realistic physics and high-definition graphics.

The game's multiplayer component is the strongest in the series, to date. Players can fully customize their rides with decals of their own design, and partake in a highly enjoyable "Cat and Mouse" multiplayer chase mode.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is the latest edition of the Battlefield series. Set in the modern day, the game offers urban combat unlike any other game currently available on the market.

The game offers vehicle combat, highly destructible environments, and cooperative gameplay that encourages players to work as a team while on the offense, or defense.

Though the game is primarily multiplayer-focused, it also offers a decent single-player campaign that's not unlike what you'd expect out of a Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

black ops 2

Black Ops 2 is the continuation of the first Black Ops, and it improves upon the game in several ways. Namely, the addition of Scorestreaks as a replacement of Killstreaks makes it so that players can play support roles without worrying about how many people they kill on each round, allowing players to focus more on completing objectives and supporting their team.

Beyond that, the game sees a return of the much loved Zombies mode, which allows players to engage cooperatively in a series of missions where they have to face off against a horde of zombies while completing a variety of objectives located throughout the map.

It goes without saying that Black Ops 2 is among one of the most competitive games of all time, and Call of Duty has established itself as the premier competitive online game as a result of how well designed Black Ops 2 happens to be.

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