Top 10 Best Games for Mac OS X

Here's a roundup of some of the most popular games that are now available for OS X. Top 10 Best Games for Mac OS X.

by on 1st May, 2013

It used to be that Mac users were a relatively small group, mostly composed of A/V nerds and graphic designers. And while these disciplines still account for a large portion of Mac people, Apple has gained quite a good deal more of the personal computer market share in recent years. Despite that, the world of non-console gaming doesn't quite reflect this change yet, as evidenced by the fact that the term "PC gaming" is still generally the preferred nomenclature without actually applying to the OS X.

This is slowly changing. The days of attempting to play PC-only titles in a virtual machine are (thankfully) starting to be a thing of the past. Quite a few titles have been ported over to OS X in the past year or so, and it looks as though more and more developers are starting to realize that PC gamer should also include the Mac users. Heck, Steam got the right idea with porting over to the Mac, so have others. Here's a roundup of some of the most popular titles that are now available for OS X.


torchlight mac os x

Like a prettier, smaller version of "Diablo II", this action RPG manages to take most of the good aspects of overhead hack and slash games and add a few original touches which make it fairly addictive. Play as a member of one of three character classes who is tasked by Syl, a sage who has lost her mentor, Alric somewhere in a mine beneath the city of Torchlight. The mine is filled with Ember, a substance which is known to imbue both objects and people with magical abilities, but also corrupts the minds of any living creatures with whom it comes into contact for prolonged periods.  

Further still beneath the mines are ruined palaces, hanging gardens and other stranger labyrinths filled with monsters and loot. The player is accompanied by a pet in the form of a cat or dog who can carry extra items, aid in fights, heal, and sell off unwanted treasure without the player having to port back into town. While it's not the most nuanced plot of all time, this game is more than an adequate substitute for those who can no longer hold their breath waiting for Blizzard to release "Diablo III". 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

amnesia mac os x

Few games can reduce a grown man to whimpers and tears. This game is one of them.  

At the start of the game, the main character awakens in what appears to be the entryway of a castle with no clue as to his identity. He soon finds a note from himself, which reveals that his name is Daniel and that he has forced himself to forget the circumstances under which he arrived at the castle. The note also warns him that he is being hunted by a "shadow". Thus begins Daniel's descent into the castle (and- dun dun DUN- The Darkness), where he must discover, via a series of flashbacks, just what the hell is going on, and how to stop it.  "Amnesia" is all from the first person perspective, though to call it a "shooter" would be misleading, since Daniel cannot actually fight anything. He must stay within areas of light in order to remain sane, and can collect tinderboxes and oil for his lantern. However, he can't stay in the light all the time, or else he will be seen. And if he is seen, he will be attacked. Even if he can't see what's attacking him.  

Diablo 3

Whether you love it or hate it, Diablo 3 is arguably one of the best action RPGs ever made. Superior to any of its predecessors, Diablo 3 offers a host of new features, gameplay changes, and, of course, another adventure in the dark world of Sanctuary.

Additions like the new crafting and skill rune systems should expand the experience without straying too far from franchise roots, while alterations to the core gameplay should help to streamline things considerably.

Instead, they've helped eliminate the minor nuisances you had to deal with in the prior games. No more manually picking up each last pile of gold. No more tedious inventory management. This is a smarter, faster version of the Diablo we all know and love, and that's definitely something to be excited about.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of the in-game auction house may hamper some of the enjoyment players may have with the game, but it isn't a deal breaker. Beneath its problems, the game is still a solid action RPG.

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