30 Mind Blowing Zelda Secrets & Facts

Zelda Secrets: We've put together thirty of the most interesting and mind-boggling facts we could find regarding the Zelda franchise.

by on 13th Jun, 2013

Zelda Secrets

zelda secrets

The Legend of Zelda had humble beginnings, but due to its originality and everything it has to offer, the game rose to prominence over the years as one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time. 

There are few series that can rival the monstrous popularity of The Legend of Zelda. The franchise has achieved the status of household name, with gamers and non-gamers alike able to recognize the melodies and artwork within its various titles. All of that said, the games are notorious for hosting a number of secrets and in-game artifacts, which often pay homage to other Nintendo franchises.

We decided to a compile a list of these little-known facts regarding the series, so take a peek and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

In no particular order:


30. In Wind Waker, there is a giant Easter egg located in the Southeastern part of the map. If you cut down the grass around it, you can crawl in and collect a Piece of Heart and other knick-knacks.



29. After you have made it to Hyrule Castle in Wind Waker, take a second to look around the main room. The stained-glass windows depict the Tri-Force, Ganon, and the Six Sages.


28. There is a secret “Nintendo Gallery” in Wind Waker that will provide the service of exchanging pictures for figurines, and if you look behind the counter, you’ll see that the shop owner has three of the masks and a hood from Majora’s Mask.


27. In Skyward Sword, if you stand in the middle of the Skyloft courtyard and pan left, you’ll see a place to grapple over the wall. In a field of flowers on the other side of this wall there is a group of five kittens that you can interact with.


26. In Skyward Sword, Zelda’s room can be accessed through a secret pipe inside the Knight Academy. This can only be accomplished at night, and will reward the player with a Piece of Heart.


25. “Chris Houlihan’s Room” is a secret in A Link to the Past whichcan only be accessed by using the Pegasus Boots; the room itself contains a number of Blue Rupees.


24. Shigeru Miyamoto named the Princess of Hyrule after the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald.


23. In the original Legend of Zelda, Ganon can be reached without ever acquiring a sword. That said, Ganon can not be damaged without having the sword equipped, so it proves to be a moot point.


22. Placing a bomb next to a Gossip Stone in Ocarina of Time will result in the stone launching far off into the sky.


21.Hyrule Hystoria reveals that the Hero Shade is the Hero of Time who was the savior of both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, which makes Twilight Princess the first ever Zelda game where two Links have interacted with one another.


20. In Wind Waker, Using the Tingle Tuner in the Tower of the Gods dungeon unravels a secret story referred to as “The Legend of the Fairy.”


19. The Indigo-go’s are a Zora band in Majora’s Maskwho play various pieces of music from past Zelda games.


18. Five of the dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda can be arranged to spell out the word “Zelda.”


17. Composer Totaka hides his 19-note “Totaka’s Song” in every game he works on, and in Link’s Awakening the melody will begin playing after standing in Richard’s Villa for two and a half minutes.


16. The Hylian text on Ganon’s sword in Wind Waker indicates that it was created by the two blacksmiths atop Snowhead Mountain in Majora’s Mask – Zubora and Gubora.


15. In Ocarina of Time, a dying soldier in the back alley of castle town will explain the conflict between Ganondorf and the king.


14. A carving on the outside of Link’s tree house in Ocarina of Time depicts a battle between what is presumed to be Link and some dragon-like creature.


13. Malon on Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time wears a broach depicting the main enemy of the popular Mario franchise: Bowser. Her Father, Talon, also wears one.


12. In Ocarina of Time, if you place both Talon and Ingo together, you can tell that their character models are based upon Mario and Luigi, respectively.


11. Characters from another popular Nintendo franchise, Star Fox, are referenced as masks in Majora’s Mask.


10. If the player dives to the bottom of the lake in Ocarina of Time, they will find a caged shark that some say is representative of Nintendo’s dislike of cheating devices… such as GameShark.


9. In the initial stages of planning for Ocarina of Time, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to make the title a first-person game.


8. Former Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa was at first hesitant about releasing The Legend of Zelda in the United States because he didn’t think Americans would have enough patience to understand the game.


7. Jewish groups once protested against The Legend of Zelda, due to the fact that the third dungeon resembles a swastika.


6. The Triforce was actually the symbol for Japanese clan “Hojo.” They called it “Mitsuuroko,” meaning “three scales.”


5. The Stone of Agony in Ocarina of Time actually resembles a Nintendo 64 controller’s “Rumble Pak,” and when in your inventory will cause your controller to rumble when close to secrets within the game.


4. Ocarina of Time is the fastest selling video game of all time, as during it's first month of release it earned $150 million dollars with 2.5 million units sold, despite the fact that the game only was available the last 39 days of the year.


3. Apart from Link, Octorok is the only character to appear in every Zelda game to date.


2. The boy in Wind Waker is not actually Link, but rather a reincarnation.


1. In Ocarina of Time, by entering a certain cheat code with Game Shark, a number of Arwings will flock to and attack you.

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