Top 25 Best iOS Games

Best iOS Games - Gameranx takes a look at 25 of the best games on the iOS. It's a touch gamer's guide to gaming goodness.

by on 17th Mar, 2011

The iOS is notable for being the operating system on all of Apple’s latest handheld gadgets--the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Here are the 25 best games you can play on the platform.


25. ZombieSmash

zombie smash

With your fingers alone, you can smash the zombies on your screen. You can even call forth mighty weapons to slice and dice the undead menaces before they reach your house and eat you alive. With so much animated violence, the game is great for stress relief.


24. SteamBirds

steam birds

A turn-based game at heart, you take turns controlling your squadron of planes and watching as both your moves and those of your enemy's play out in real time. With superior tactics, you can take out an enemy equipped with superior firepower.


23. Highborn

high born

"Highborn" has been the only serious attempt of bringing a turn-based strategy game to the iOS that isn't also a direct port of some preexisting game. Not only does it feature decent strategy, it also comes with a humorous storyline with sarcastically-written characters to keep your adventure interesting.


22. Tetris


The original title for the PC has been remade for the iOS with new graphics, a new interface that makes use of the touch-screen, and all the qualities that made the original a classic. Timeless, ageless, or whatever you want to call it, playing Tetris never gets old.


21. The Greedy Sponge

greedy sponge

A relative newcomer and underdog on a platform bustling with games both original and not-so-original, "The Greedy Sponge" is a simple yet satisfying puzzle game that has you matching up various colors of bacteria and eating them in a piecemeal fashion before they overwhelm your sponge.

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