Top 25 Best iOS Games

Best iOS Games - Gameranx takes a look at 25 of the best games on the iOS. It's a touch gamer's guide to gaming goodness.

by on 17th Mar, 2011

10. Broken Sword

broken sword

"Broken Sword" brings to the iOS a story of intrigues and ancient conspiracies--the same ones made popular by novelist Dan Brown. The player is plunged into a world where history as we know it is a complete lie. Originally designed for the PC, this new iOS version is enhanced with high resolution graphics and controls for Apple's new systems.


9. Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror

broken sword 2

The sequel to "Broken Sword" revolves around the mystery of the ancient Aztecs and the return of an ancient evil. The player adventures from France to tropical South America and learns quite a few things about real history on the way, making this game a lot more intelligent than most.


8. Dead Space

dead space ipad iphone

One of the better chapters in the Dead Space franchise, this title exclusive to the iOS introduces us to parts of the universe briefly mentioned in the other games, and features some genuine scares.


7. The Secret of Monkey Island

secret of monkey island

The classic adventure game for the PC has been remade as one of the best adventure games on the iOS. With new graphics and an all new interface, players both old and new shouldn't be surprised to spend dozens of their precious hours on this timeless work of art.


6. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

monkey island 2

The sequel to what may be the best adventure game ever created is also available on the iOS, featuring even better graphics than its predecessor and with the same great control scheme. The revenge of the undead pirate LeChuck is worth braving for this experience.

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