10 Best Zombie PS3 Games

These are the 10 best zombie games for the PlayStation 3, listed in no particular order. Just play them all!

by on 30th Jul, 2013

Best Zombie Games

zombie games

Zombies. Those damn things will never die. IIf there is one thing in the world of video games, it is zombies that will last forever. There’s hardly a game that doesn’t feature some sort of undead menace somewhere, be it as one among many enemy types in the main game or hidden away in a secret multiplayer mode. Zombies are everywhere. Everyone loves to kill them. And with good reason. 

First, they are already dead. So why feel bad for killing what is already dead? Second, uh, they’re out to eat you. Don’t need much more of an excuse for bashing some zombie heads in than that. Third, well they smell. Also they probably ate your best friends. 

In this entry, we deal with those games that deal with the zombie apocalypse exclusively. The undead are out and roaming the land, and you have to survive. That kind of a deal. So keep a trusty shotgun ready and your chainsaws oiled. Here are the best zombie games you can find on the Playstation 3. 


Dead Nation

This Playstation Network exclusive sees the player facing hordes and hordes of undead. Dead Nation is a twin stick shooter from the makers of Super Stardust HD, the Finnish studio Housemarque. The game features ten levels of frantic, top down view shooting, several zombie types, a ton of upgradeable weapons and both online and offline coop modes, where the second player simply takes over the second playable character, either on the couch or online. It takes a few nods from Left 4 Dead, whereas the undead horde can be attracted to car alarms, mines and the like, as well as timed standoffs against an unending onslaught of zombies while the players have to stand their ground. 


The Walking Dead

Telltale’s now almost legendary episodic adventure series based on the Walking Dead comic series is also available for Playstation 3. The player takes control of Lee Everett, a convicted murderer, who ‘adopts’ a little girl after a zombie outbreak in Georgia. Lee has to make tough decisions, keeping himself, his young protegee Clementine and a group of survivors alive in a world of backstabbing survivors and shambling, ever present undead. The Walking Dead has received numerous accolades for outstanding writing, and is heralded as one of the best adventure games of the current generation.


Resident Evil 5

The fifth official, even-numbered entry in the venerated Resident Evil series sends series veteran Chris Redfield to Africa, investigating a bioweapons terror situation in the fictional Kijuju territory. Here he teams up with the local representative of his agency, Sheva Alomar. The game was built from the ground up as a cooperative experience, so even in single player there are two characters to manage, one being controlled by the player, the other by the AI, while the player can shuffle items from both characters’ inventories back and forth. Gameplay wise, the game is a slightly updated version of Resident Evil 4, with little actual improvements and a markedly stronger focus on all out action. 


The Last of Us

Created by Naughty Dog, the studio of Uncharted fame, The Last of Us has the player take control of Joel, who protects the young Ellie on their odyssey through the wasteland of the United States, depopulated by a devastating fungus plague outbreak that killed most people while turning some into mindless, undead creatures. While The Last of Us is an action game to some extent, the focus of the game is stealth and evasion of hostiles rather than head on confrontations. Also, while the concept might make it sound like a feature length escort quest, Ellie won’t need the player’s constant attention. 


Dead Space 2

Addressing a lot of the flaws of the original Dead Space, the second part of the series markedly improves on the space zombie slaughter fest formula. Staying true to the blueprint of the original, the player still faces numerous extraterrestrial undead creatures made of human flesh, having to dismember them with improvised mining and repair tools. Dead Space 2 takes place on an expansive space station that gets overrun by the series signature Necromorph plague, introducing a whole array of new, gruesome enemy types while featuring another number of truly breathtaking vistas and encounters. 


Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Technically just another piece of downloadable content for Rockstar’s western saga, Undead Nightmare really ups the ante. Zombies in the wild west? Of course why not. In this alternate timeline to the main game, the zombie apocalypse has begun in New Austin, and our hero John Marston is the only one who can stop it. In addition to your plain, regular undead, there are undead animals roaming the wild, as well as mythical creatures like the sasquatch. Undead Nightmare takes place all over the world map of Red Dead Redemption. In addition to the expansive single player campaign, the DLC also adds two new multiplayer modes.


Dead Rising 2

The original Dead Rising was a whacky, over the top take on the basic premise of George Romero’s cult classic Dawn of the Dead. Part two takes place not inside a zombie filled shopping mall, but in a zombie filled faux Las Vegas, having the player unleashed onto the undead horde in the shape of a guy named Chuck Greene. Chuck has to find doses of the anti-zombie pathogen drug Zombrex for his daughter and foil the evil schemes of a reality show host while killing off hordes and hordes (and then some) of undead. The game also features a multiplayer mode, pitting players against hordes of zombies in the fictional in-game reality show Terror is Reality. 


Yakuza: Dead Souls

Another game world that was usually not home to incessant zombie murdering sprees, Yakuza: Dead Souls takes place in the fictional Kamurocho district of Tokyo. A zombie outbreak has occurred and not even the dreaded crime lords of Japan’s underworld are safe. So the player has to explore ruined Kamurocho and find a cure to the zombie plague that has turned the citizens into shambling monstrosities. While the game was well received by fans of the series, it sadly failed to click with an audience outside of those already familiar with the infamous crime / dating sim / JRPG series. Yes, the Yakuza games defy categorization.  


Siren: Blood Curse

Following the members of an American documentary film crew into a remote Japanese mountain village, Siren: Blood Curse was an attempt of opening the Siren series to a global audience. The episodic game features a strange, apocalyptic zombie outbreak in a remote region of Japan, and the player has to utilize the special, extra sensory perception abilities of the various characters to best avoid any and all of the zombies shambling about. While we had a lot of Japanese games on this list, Siren: Blood Curse is by far the most inherently Japanese one, taking strong hints from Japan’s horror movies of recent years. 


Resident Evil: Revelations

Originally a spinoff title for the Nintendo 3DS from the even numbered entries to the series, set between Resident Evil 4 and 5, Revelations eventually became a fully fledged title in its own right, when it got ported over to the big consoles. Revelations takes the series back to the survival horror roots, with an emphasis on exploration and resource management instead of all out action, tying up a bunch of loose ends dangling from the current run of Resident Evil titles, from Resident Evil 4 to 5 and its DLC expansion packs.

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