Mind Blown: 40 Final Fantasy Secrets & Facts

40 facts and secrets about the Final Fantasy series you never knew about.

by on 2nd Aug, 2013

    The Final Fantasy series is an interesting one. While originally intended to be a one-off title with no sequels or franchisal development, Final Fantasy's success revitalized the interest of Square's main planner, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi went on to sell over 100 million units of video games in his career and stayed with the company until 2004, when he resigned from the newly-merged Square Enix and formed his own development team: Mistwalker. 

    Final Fantasy has and is succeeding to an immense degree. While the series has suffered through some low points, there are very few blemishes worthy of remembrance. The number of triumphs Final Fantasy has seen trumps nearly every other game franchise in existence, which is why we decided to craft this list. We've compiled a number of cool, interesting facts that you may not have known about the series.

    Take a look!


    40. In Final Fantasy VI, Sabin was originally supposed to have facial hair, but it was removed from the final version.


    39. In Final Fantasy Tactics, Moogles are extinct.


    38. Square Enix is developing a Final Fantasy title for the PS4.


    37. The main character in Final Fantasy VI was supposed to be a male character in his twenties, but the idea was scrapped and Terra came to be.


    36. Final Fantasy got its name from the fact that it was supposed to be Square Enix’s last ever game.


    35. In Final Fantasy 7, a portrait of Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of FF) appears on the wall inside of one of the houses in Rocket Town.


    34. Final Fantasy creators have a tendency to name their characters after meteorological effects.


    33. Final Fantasy X is the only Final Fantasy game to have a separate Water element but no Water Summon.


    32. Final Fantasy summon of ice, Shiva, is actually a Hindu god that reigns over fire and destruction.


    31. Final Fantasy makes you more knowledgeable concerning classical literature and world culture.


    30. Cloud's Buster Sword was originally coded into Final Fantasy X, but was taken out before the game released.


    29. Final Fantasy X is the only Final Fantasy where you are forced to obtain Shiva after Ifrit.


    28. In the U.S version of Final Fantasy X, Yuna tells Tidus she loves him at the end. In the Japanese version, she simply thanks him.


    27. It cost $48,000,000 to craft Final Fantasy XII, whereas the next entry to the series – Final Fantasy XIII – is rumored to have been graced with a budget increased by at least 50%.


    26. Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy where the main character is no longer around at the end.


    25. Final Fantasy IX's strategy guide was voted the most useless strategy guide ever made.


    24. There is someone named Cid in every FInal Fantasy game.


    23. Final Fantasy VII was originally designed for the Nintendo 64.


    22. Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy to feature character switching in-battle.


    21. Blitzball from Final Fantasy X was voted as one of the top fictional sports games.


    20. Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game to have a direct sequel.


    19. Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy to not feature a drivable airship.


    18. In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud's hair was originally supposed to be black and slicked to the side.


    17. Final Fantasy II on NES is the only game in the series that doesn't use the standard magic system.


    16. Final Fantasy IX arrived at the end of the PlayStation era, just a few weeks after the PlayStation 2 launched.


    15. The original Final Fantasy game was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.


    14. Mateus from Final Fantasy 2 is a cult favorite villain among Japanese fans.


    13. In the French version of Final Fantasy IX, Zidane was renamed Djidane because of the name’s similarity to the country's famous soccer player, Zinedine Zidane.


    12. Final Fantasy XII is the only game without traditional summons.


    11. The original Final Fantasy game was actually going to be a multi-platform release.


    10. Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy with voice acting.


    9. Strago and Relm may have been planned to fight using stuffed toys in Final Fantasy VI.


    8. Final Fantasy has ties to 20th Century Japanese literature.


    7. The name Sephiroth is a reference to the concept of the Tree of Life, which was likely inspired by religious references in the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.


    6. Final Fantasy V was reportedly slated for U.S. release not once, but twice, before it finally showed up in North America.


    5. Final Fantasy III for Nintendo’s DS wasn't the first remake of the game.


    4. The combat in Final Fantasy was inspired by Formula One Racing.


    3. In Final Fantasy I when you visit Elfheim, press A on the left most tombstone behind the inn. It will say "Here lies Link."


    2. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD contained an Easter egg of all the characters from the movie performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller.”


    1. Tellah in Final Fantasy IV insults Edward Chris Von Muir by calling him a “Spoony Bard,” and this phrase has lived in on in remakes and following entries to the franchise.


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