Top 10 Best Horror Games for the Xbox 360

Best Horror Games Xbox 360: We've sifted through the mass of titles on the Xbox 360 to find (number) of the most haunting & Scariest titles the system has to offer. You'll want to play these games with the lights off.

by on 7th Apr, 2011

#7 Resident Evil 5 

resident evil 5

This 5th entry in the wildly popular series sees players take control of either Sheva Alomar or Chris Redfield who are tasked with apprehending suspected terrorist threat Ricardo Irving, as he is suspected of plotting to sell a powerful bioweapon on the black market. 

Long-time fans of the series will be familiar with Resident Evil 5's inventory system, as it is quite similar to that of Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. The third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective remains consistent with that seen in Resident Evil 4, as well. However, Resident Evil 5 offers a heavily expanded slew of new weapons, as well as online co-op, and split-screen local play. 


#6 Silent Hill Homecoming 

silent hill homecoming

Silent Hill is one of the most revered survival horror video game franchises of all time, inspiring two film spin-offs (yes, you've read that correctly. A second one is being filmed right now) and countless Pyramid Head internet memes. However, the series seemed to lose some of its bite with the current console generation's titles until Silent Hill Homecoming came along. 

Players become Alex Shepherd, a soldier who has just returned home from active duty to find his father and brother missing, and his mother left behind in a coma. Filled with unsettling psychological thrills and revelations about characters and monsters alike, Silent Hill Homecoming is the strongest recent title from this series, and definitely worth playing. 


#5 Left 4 Dead 1+2 


This series, while not the first to deal with a zombie apocalypse, was groundbreaking in terms of its co-op play and the ways in which players needed to work together to successfully complete campaigns. Combining modes of gameplay formerly seen only in warfare style games, both games in this series manage to combine the need for skilled FPS play, as well as the real life ability to communicate and coordinate with teammates.  

It sounds cheesy, but players depend on each other for healing, extra ammo, and sometimes even to be freed from various obstacles. When one dies and respawns in a closet, one can do little else but yell for someone to come open the door! Definitely a must-play for fans of zombies and shooters alike. 


#4 Dead Space 2 

dead space 2

This direct sequel takes up approximately three years after the events in Dead Space. Isaac Clarke is still alive, but has amnesia and does not remember the horrors he encountered at the hands of the necromorphs. Just as he is being released from the hospital, where he has apparently been a mental patient, there is a necromorph attack in which Franco, the protagonist of Dead Space Ignition is killed and turned into a necromorph himself, before removing Isaac's straight jacket. Isaac must then fend for himself as he also begins to receive clues about the origin of the Marker, which has caused the necromorph infestation. 

A third-person over-the-shoulder perspective works well with the lack of heads-up display, as players must rely on visual indicators of health that are built into Isaac's back. Weapons are able to be purchased at stores throughout the game, as well as upgraded at various points. Dead Space 2 also features multiplayer mode in which two teams of four go head-to-head as humans vs. necromorphs, each trying to accomplish a specific objective. 

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