Best Free Multiplayer Games of 2013

Here are the best free multiplayer games to play online in 2013.

by on 20th Aug, 2013

best free multiplayer games of 2013

The Free Multiplayer Game market gets bigger and better every year, but this year is definitely more bountiful than is standard. There’s always new releases and such, but what’s actually bringing more to the table is the fact that multiplayer games have to bring updates to the table if they want to keep the player counts high. Because of this, longer standing games have an overabundance of content that is more likely to reel in and hold players.

In addition, no matter what kind of game you like, there’s probably a great free game just waiting for you. This isn’t a very specialized list in terms of genre, but if you feel the multiplayer itch and are looking for a great game to share with friends, keep this in mind.

There are certainly others, but here’s our top selection of the best free multiplayer games of 2013.


Super Monday Night Combat

This third person MOBA from Uber Entertainment came out last year for free on Steam, bringing in players to pit against each other in their quest of reaching the Moneyball. It’s typical of other MOBAs, but the fact that it’s in third person puts in enough of a spin to give it value.

It’s fun, it’s Monday, try it.


Gotham City Impostors

Developed by Monolith Productions, Gotham City Impostors came out on February 2012, but turned to F2P in late August of the same year. Not typical of Batman franchise titles, GCI is actually an FPS in which the player characters are heavily customizable people dressed as Batman or his archenemy, the Joker. The weapons are generally unconventional and rather interesting, fitting the makeshift design of the game, as well as the ramshackle portrayals of the heroes.

It’s rather tactical and mighty fun, so I’ll just leave this Jack-in-the-box which is totally not a bomb right here.


The Banner Saga: Factions

Coming ahead of the single-player Viking-themed tactical role-playing game from Stoic, Factions takes the interesting turn-based gameplay of the single-player campaign into multiplayer. With a beautiful artstyle and 

Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force inspired gameplay, as well as the possibility of making your own team up to pit against other players, Factions is a very worthy game to try.

It’s got Vikings. Try it.


War of the Roses

The third person medieval combat game from Fatshark and Paradox interactive came out late last year at less than stellar reception, but the updates that have come out since the release in October last year have made it a worthy contender to this list. It’s got beautiful visuals and fun combat, though also a rather steep learning curve to go with it. 

If nothing else, you should at least poke someone with a stick from the back of a horse. It’s a wondrous feeling.



The spiritual successor to Dark Sector, Digital Extremes’ new title is a co-op third person shooter with short missions in sci-fi locales. The player is a space ninja. You fight infected monsters and weird space marine peoples. You can chop them in half.

Nuff said.


Blacklight: Retribution

Zombie Inc. wanted to do a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down. The result was Blacklight: Retribution, a first-person sci-fi shooter with mechs and a ton of weapon customization (most of which takes a long time to grind for if you don’t just buy). In addition, the inclusion of the HRV (hyper-reality visor) which allows you to see enemies through walls makes for a more dynamic game, with a lot less camping than other similar games.

It’s also totally gun porn. 


League of Legends

If you haven’t played League of Legends already, you’ve probably been living under a rock at this point. Coming out in late 2009 from Riot Games, LoL (as it’s known to its friends) has become something of a phenomenon, taking the title as the most played PC game in NA and EU last year, peaking at 5 million players playing at the same time, 12 million people playing every day. It’s a MOBA, a game in which you take a champion and try to go through enemy minions and other champions as well as towers in order to destroy one big building. It’s a simple concept, but very fleshed out and very team-based, which is probably why it got so popular.

If you haven’t already, you should probably try it, if only to know what all the fuss is about.


Dota 2

The successor to the mod/map that made the genre popular in the first place, Dota 2 is an up-to-date remake of the old Warcraft 3 mod which is still being played all over the place on various private servers. Coming from the people that brought us Steam and Half-Life, the game is especially impressive due to the huge amount of attention given to the game’s ability of functioning as an e-sport, with very good spectating capabilities, integrated commentary, the possibility of following a player’s mouseclicks to the point even.

The game’s as fresh as ever and I think you should play it just because of how good the last International was.


Team Fortress 2

Even though the title came out in 2007 and moved on to F2P in 2011, Team Fortress 2 is still fun and interesting. Arguably, the reason for the conservation of freshness could be, simply, hats, but there’s a lot more going on under the hood. The game, while still recognizable from the title 6 years ago, has changed quite a bit, from a fixed class-based game to a more customization-based class-based game, with no 2 snipers really being the same.

You owe it to yourself to try it, you can leave your hat on.


War Thunder

One of my personal favourites on the list, War Thunder just came up on Steam. It’s a WW2 to Korean War Era flying arcade game/sim with an extremely accessible control scheme, in which the plane you control tries to best follow your mouse cursor wherever you put it. In addition, unlike other similar games like World of Tanks (in terms of game setup, not gameplay), you get to use multiple planes per multiplayer mission, allowing you to actually play more with not as many loading screens. 

They’re also touting integrating the plane game with upcoming ground and naval battles, getting the most complete package in terms of large-ish scale battles yet.

It’s great. Play it.


Planetside 2

I was playing this today with everybody else at work. It’s too much fun. A sequel to Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOFPS of yesterday, the game is a first person shooter with huge islands on which hundreds of players can kill each other at the same time. There’s tanks, VTOLs, bigger VTOLs, even bigger VTOLs, buggies and an ATV you can drive around. There’s lots of bases you can take over, there’s even awesome in-game VoIP, where people put music on for your enjoyment while defending a base.

It’s a great game that’s best played with lots of friends. Have fun.

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