Top Ten Genderbent Cosplays

Let's celebrate these amazing cross gender takes on classic video game characters.

by on 3rd Oct, 2013

The world of cosplay is a wonderful place to enjoy the unadulterated love of geek culture. In the past several decades it's seen such a rise in popularity that fans have taken to adopting fresh ways to express their love, putting new spins and flourishes on character aesthetics that sometimes even defy their original design. In that spirit, let's take a moment to enjoy some of the beautiful genderbending cosplay across the web, from young men and women who love video games enough to challenge gender binary itself.

(Of course, these "genderbent" costumes are based on traditional concepts of gender roles and aesthetics but we appreciate the sentiment all the same! Read on!)

10. Female Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)

While we've taken careful steps to make sure we credit the model and photographer for each entry in this series, sadly, the cosplayer for this image is unknown. If you know who she is, sound off in the comments! Photo by AquelaConeja.

9. Female Bowser, Male Peach, Female Mario, Male Daisy, Female Luigi, Female Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.)

Photo by bluupanda.

8. Female Cloud/Male Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy)

By cosplayers KrabbyCrabtastic and Mike KG, photo by Tehquiet1.

7. Female Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2)

By cosplayer Laurentea, with photography by Ackson Lee.

6. Male Morrigan (Dragon Age 2)

By cosplayer Sylar, with photography by Felix Wong.

5. Female Talbot and Female Drake (Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

By cosplayers delusion and LadyofRohan.

4. Male Kula Diamond (King of Fighters)

By cosplayer Kiefer Garcia, photographed by Manuel Villeda Photography.

3. Female Vegeta (DragonBall Z)

This picture is of another cosplayer whom we could not track down, but if you know who she is, let us know! Photo by Ishali Fotographia.

2. Female Medic (Team Fortress 2)

The above model is known as Dokter Lee, with photography by Refractor Productions.

#1 Male Morrigan (Capcom's Darkstalkers)

This take on Morrigan was modeled by Kiefer Garcia and photographed by Nintza Lopez. He is the same model that did the male version of Kula Diamond from King of Fighters. Isn't he amazing?

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