Top 14 GTA 5 Holy Shit Moments

Grand Theft Auto 5 brings the 'holy shit' to video games by dialing up its action to 11.

by on 10th Oct, 2013

Holy Shit GTA 5 Moments

holy shit moments

Grand Theft Auto has been the epitome of the free-roam sandbox genre for years, and for good reason — random play with the many elements of the game tends to result in a chaotic mess, a ripe environment for amazing unforeseen moments to emerge.

GTA5, the latest iteration in the series, seems to take everything you do and give it the chance to dial the "Holy Shit" meter up to 11, often devolving into such situations as these 14 hand-picked moments:

This selfie captures the exact moment when a passenger jet nose-dives into the earth.

A truck drives through an airport runway causing the plane to hit him, losing its landing gears in the process and crashing into the ground.

Michael appears to be nigh invulnerable as he faces off against a tank. At one point, he's even rolled over by the tank, getting squashed in the face like a ripe tomato.

What's going on here? A car runs over Franklin, and from out of nowhere his passenger begins to attack the driver, perhaps blaming him for his bad driving.

This guy attempted to belly flop onto a table only to end up killing 8 people in the attempt. How'd that even happen?

A passenger rides shotgun with an invisible driver, who proceeds to flip his shit.

The player was hoping to get Franklin into the helicopter with Trevor, who seems to have some other ideas of his own.

After taking out a helicopter and making a good attempt to drive away unscathed, Trevor gets his ass by the crashing helicopter. Talk about an ignoble way to die.

Racing in GTA Online? Why not stop in the middle of the road and see what happens to your racing partner when he hits you.

One minute you're escaping from the cops, and the next thing you know, you've landed on the top of a skyscraper. Thanks physics!

Same spot as the previous stunt, but in this case, the player fools the cops into thinking him dead as he jumps out of the car before it crashes into the ground.

Since GTA 5's damage physics aren't all that sophisticated, when a bus gets hit by a train, it goes fly instead of crumpling in half.

Riding on a jet-ski and landing on a speedboat it rammed into as if nothing even happened. That's Trevor, alright.

Trevor's airplane gets shotdown but he makes an exit that's about as impressive as all those times you saw the pilots eject in a GI Joe cartoon.

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