Top 10 Best PS4 Games of 2014

This list contains the greatest games to look forward to on the PlayStation 4 in 2014.

by on 12th Nov, 2013

Top 10 Best PS4 Games of 2014

The upcoming year belongs to the new consoles, even though it will probably not be the decicive year in this generation’s console war yet. That will come later, maybe in 2015 or 2016. But still, a new console generation always brings on a number of great new gaming experiences. Sony’s Playstation 4 seems to make few of the mistakes Microsoft makes with its technically inferior but more expensive product. Maybe this will turn around, but so far Sony is clearly in the lead. We’ll have to see which games will come out for the PS4 and which of those games do run smoother. Maybe some of the ones on this list will start making a difference? We’ll see next year!


10: The Last Guardian

Yes, this game is supposedly still alive. And while there is a number of Kickstarter games now that take a great influence in tone from both the earlier games by Team ICO as well as of what w have seen of The Last Guardian so far, chances are, those “inspired by” games will actually see release before this one does. Which is a bit sad since it seemed such an enormously charming experience the last we saw anything from it. Which I believe was in 2010. But Sony keeps promising us that the game isn’t dead and we cling to that promise like a little horned boy clings to a ghostly girl’s hand, like a desperate lover clings to the mossy fur of a walking mountain, like… You get the picture. 


9 The Division

A common ailment can act as a strong bonding factor among well armed individuals, especially if said ailment serves for the downfall of society. Open world massive multiplayer online shooter The Division is set in the ever growing universe created by the recently deceased Tom Clancy, and will be that universes first fully fledged online multiplayer game. Think The Elder Scrolls Online with guns! Except completely different. But with guns. A lot of guns. And a separate app for tablet user who can jump in and wreak havoc with UAVs.


8 Wolfenstein The New Order

Who here hates Nazis? We all do? Good. Good! How about cyber robo nazis from the future? We hate those too? Oh hell yes we do! But we love shooting them to bits! This latest entry into the venerated saga was created by the people that made it possible for us mere mortals to actually become Richard D. Riddick for two games, the people who made up fabled and now fallen Starbreeze Studios - and have now formed MachineGames. We are very much looking forward to kicking some shiny, metal nazi ass!


7 Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes / The Phantom Pain

Seperated into a prelude (Ground Zeroes) and the game proper (The Phantom Pain), Metal Gear Solid V promises to be one of the coming year’s biggest entries in terms of sheer girth. A new voice for Snake, a new, overhauled engine, a completely open world sneaking experience, another stint as the ever more desperate Big Boss on his way to becoming the world’s biggest supervillain. And of course a lot of girls with guns and too few clothes. What’s not to look forward to?


6 Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Blizzard, the good people who brought us the expansion pack back in 1884, bring back the expansion pack! Just like Justin Timberlake brought us sexy back, or the countless expansions for the Bush Tax Cuts. Reaper of Souls promises to bring more Diablo 3 click to kill madness to the console world! Yes, these are crazy times we live in, dogs marrying people, Diablo on consoles. Also there will be a new level cap, a new character class, new skills, weapons and monsters to kill with those new weapons. 


5 Dragon Age: Inquisition

Not the best of times for BioWare. Their mythical founders have departed the gaming industry, and their last  games all bombed with either critics, fans or both. To some degree anyway. With their upcoming projects, BioWare promises change. First of all, Dragon Age: Inquisition will go more into the direction of being an open world game, without fully becoming a Skyrim clone. The game will take some influence from other open world games, the developers say. Also the complaints about Dragon Age 2 have been taken to heart, so we can look forward to a much broader, much better developed experience. And fewer instances of “uh, haven’t I had that exact battle in that exact barn before fifteen times?”


4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Speaking of third parts of sprawling fantasy series suddenly going open world, here’s another one. CD Projekt RED’s third entry into the acclaimed Witcher saga. The Wild Hunt will, more so than Dragon Age: Inquisition even, be an open world game, that takes the Polish developer’s insane attention to detail to another level. This game, which supposedly will be Geralt of Rivia’s final adventure, will feature a completely non-linear narrative and a gigantic open world.  Also it will look absolutely gorgeous, but given that this is a next gen game, we barely have to mention that, or do we?


3 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Sadly, Danish developer Dennaton Games wasted the great joke of calling this game Hotline Miami 3: Wrong Number. Because… It would be a wrong number and… well, you get the joke. Just like Hotline Miami itself, this sequel will feature relentless, super hardcore violent pixelart mayhem, infused with retro style music and aesthetics and gameplay. Also we hope the will be a bit less buggy on release this time around. But then again, that’s the charme of these little brutal indie titles, isn’t it. They’re so gloriously rough.


2 inFamous - Second Son

Sucker Punch are at it again, only this time the protagonist of the gritty super powered comic book game has fire related powers, and the game is set in the real life city of Seattle, no longer in fictional counterpart to a real place like the first two games were. Second Son will see the hero - or villain, depending on how the player decides to roll - duke it out with an oppressive security state and several other super powered individuals. So just like in the olden days, just with different powers and environments. Can’t wait to throw some fireballs down from the Space Needle. 


1 Watch Dogs

With the upcoming a bit too much inspired by real events game from Ubisoft seeing a substantial delay to 2014, Watch Dogs immediately becomes one of next years most anticipated titles. As usual with Ubisoft these days, the game bears a striking resemblance to the historical stab fests of Assassin’s Creed. But still, this is one to look forward to. Chicago never looked so good. There will be tons of things to do, and if you squint you can pretend to be playing yet another Assassin’s Creed game.

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