Five Apps and Features the PS4 Needs

Here are some of the apps and features the PS4 needs to keep up in the on-going console wars.

by on 18th Nov, 2013

The PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15th in North America. While there were some hardware issues and expected bugs, I personally thought that it was definitely an improvement from its predecessor. It was a lot faster and you were able to jump to several tasks with ease. The social media and sharing aspects were also a welcome addition to its ecosystem.

The console is off to a good start but there's definitely room for improvement. I know that Sony is still working on introducing more features so there's a lot more to look forward to. 

Here are some of the apps and features that would certainly give the Xbox One a run for their money if implemented in the near future...

1.) Snap/PIP feature

Some people are divided on this feature claiming that they do not need to do two things at once. However, Xbox One's Snap feature isn't really about doing two things at the same time. It's more about just keeping tabs while you're playing a game or watching a movie. 

I was telling a friend about how I think it's cool that's you could watch a video clip and play a game simultaneously. In all honesty, I won't be using it to play Fable and watch The Walking Dead at the same time. It would be particularly useful when I want to reference a video guide on YouTube when I am stuck on a game. 

It would certainly help if PlayStation jumps on this as well. 

2.) YouTube

I loved the PS4 because of how easy it was to live stream games on Twitch and Ustream. However, not everyone likes to share their games live. Some people like to edit their footage and upload it later. That's where YouTube comes into play since that's where all the Let's Play videos are at. It would certainly be cool if you could upload recorded footage online to other than Facebook.

I was told that Sony is currently working on an app for the next-generation console. It's no surprise considering there was an app available on the PS3. Let's just hope they implement this sooner!

3.) Skype

PS4 users will be able to chat via voice or text with their friends using the console's native service. However, it is only limited to people using Sony devices. Adding a Skype application would enable users to communicate with their friends using a variety of other platforms like smartphones, desktops, laptops, and even the Xbox One. 

Microsoft bought Skype a few years ago, but they've recently expressed interest in bringing the app to the PS4. The app after all is now available on the PS Vita and other Sony TVs.

4.) More motion control features

A lot of people argue about Microsoft and Sony's push for motion control sensor cameras. The technology is fresh and it still needs time to reach its full potential. I think that they can still catch up with the Kinect considering it's still not in its prime. People can criticize all they want but I think that they will embrace it sooner or later.

Microsoft has the disadvantage of making consumers feel that they are being "forced" into it since it comes with the Xbox One. Sony can keep improving the camera and eventually customers will decide to purchase it on their own. 

They don't need to roll out major games like what Microsoft does. They simply need to add more features that will improve the functionality of their UI. If they focus on perfecting and innovating gesture controller, that'll certainly do wonders than a couple of buggy Kinect games. Imagine if they could do it like the film Minority Report!

5.)Virtual Personal Assistant

Microsoft is reported to be working on their own version of Apple's SIRI recently. Sony should be joining the race as well while their competitor hasn't rolled out anything yet. It would be cool to have a console that can anticipate my needs and respond to my voice commands. While consoles aren't really personal assistants, the software has far more potential than telling you the weather.

It would be so cool if you could ask your PS4 to look up similar games to what you've played and then command it to purchase it for you. I bet it could do so much more than that though. 

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