Six Misconceptions About Gamers and Gaming

Here are just some of the misconceptions about gamers and gaming.

by on 19th Nov, 2013

While gaming has grown more popular over the years, gamers are still mired with ridiculous stereotypes from ignorant outsiders. People still think that gaming is still as simple as playing pong or that everyone who loves video games are anti-social. It's also surprising how news outlets like FOX news are still ignorant about how gaming culture has evolved throughout the years.

What are some of the misconceptions about gamers that irk you the most? Read on for mine...

1.) Most gamers are boys (Therefore, it's not a girl thing)

According to the Washington Post, women account for nearly half of the gamer population. You might think that people already know this by now, but there are still a lot of folks that believe that gaming is purely a male thing. My family, peers, and even people in my job think that liking video games was simply a phase. 

Ladies, show people the article I linked if they give you a hard time to.

2.) You can never have a career in video games

There comes a point in your life when you wonder whether it's a good idea to follow your dreams and do what you love in college. I am sure a couple of parents would have a mini heart attack if you told them that you wanted to play video games for the rest of your life. Heck, I started to believe that video games can't be more than anything but a hobby.

However, times are changing and there are more careers available in the video game industry aside from being a programmer. You can make money by writing, live streaming, making, and selling video games. I work for Gameranx now and I'm happy I've proven people wrong.

3.)Video games are only for kids

Another misconception about gaming and gamers is the belief that gaming is only a past time for kids. Most of the older generation know games that existed decades ago like Galaga or Pac-man. However, we all know how games have become more complex and deep in recent times like The Last of Us and some Quantic Dream games.

Perhaps we need more games like what I mentioned to become so popular in the mainstream for people to know that games can be mature.

4.) Gamers are anti-social

I think that we've all heard of the pimply, fat, and anti-social gamer living in their parent's basement. However, I think that gaming has changed because of the Internet. Forums, social media, and sharing features in consoles have influenced us to be more social nowadays. 

In addition, gamers aren't only interested in video games. I've met a lot of people who are into a variety of sports related hobbies on top of video games so don't judge a person just because of one activity they enjoy.

5.) Gamers live in fantasy land

Video games enable us to live out a fantasy through immersing ourselves in a world and letting us role-play into different types of characters. I can understand why people might think gamers aren't really that much interested in reality because there's so much more power in video game worlds. 

I drown myself in Skyrim all day, but that doesn't mean that real life isn't appealing. Others may purely prefer real life, some like video game life better, and there are also others who enjoy both worlds equally. 

6.) Video games make you stupid

Often times, I've heard the argument about how video games and television can make people dumb because they look at a screen all day. Well sure if all you play or watch is crap the entire time, then you are bound not to learn anything. Playing video games has taught me a bunch of stuff that most would learn from books. I once studied for an English exam by playing Dante's Inferno and got questions right about a biology exam playing CSI.

A recent study also shows that playing video games make your brain bigger.

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