10 Games You Do Not Want Your Parents to See

Some games aren't meant to be played with your parents around.

by on 27th Nov, 2013

We all have games that we are guilty of playing behind our parents' backs. I've mastered the art of listening to my parents footsteps approaching my room and quickly turning off my electronics at a rehearsed pace. I don't blame my parents for trying to protect me from the world, but there are just some stuff that just doesn't have the capacity to shock me anymore. 

Here are the games that's bound to give your parents an uncomfortable feeling once they see you them in action.

1. Grand Theft Auto

I'm sure a lot of parents are demonizing Grand Theft Auto even if they don't know anything about the game. This game has violence, profanity, and sexual themes present in almost every aspect of it. You can just imagine the horror on my mom's face when she saw me beating up hookers in the alley because as I was trying to "save money." 

2. Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball

The funny thing about this game is that my dad was the one who gave this to me. He thought that it was some sort of girly volleyball game. While he is not entirely wrong, it is certainly a game that focuses on women's assets quite heavily. There's even a mod that shows them naked and you can actually tinker with the boob physics in the base game. 

This game also sexualizes almost every scene and it's absolutely awkward to play this with your parent beside you.

3. Postal 2

If a cat silencer isn't enough to shock your parents, then I don't know what else can. You can do an absurd amount of inappropriate things in this game like urinating on a dead body. You can also train your dog to fetch decapitated heads among many other unthinkable activities. Imagine playing this game in the living room while all your parents had their friends over! Awkward?

4. Twisted Metal: Black

You really can't hide how gruesome this game is from your parents. The entire thing is really "black" as the game's title's suggest. Every character's story has its own macabre twist to it. I bet that parents thought that this was just some vehicle derby game. Well, they've probably scarred their child for life like what happened to me. 

Your parents' stomach will squirm with horror knowing they got this game for you.

5. Manhunt

Forget Katy Perry, Manhunt made the plastic bag such an iconic weapon to gamers. Some parents may be used to the idea of seeing over the top violence in video games, but the simplicity of choking someone with a plastic bag gives a different disturbing vibe. It might seem badass when you are playing it alone or in front of friends. However, it'll feel weird to enjoy it when your parents are there. 

6. Saints Row

My friend once described this game to me as Grand Theft Auto on crack. The third and fourth entry of the Saint Row series have definitely departed from being a competitor to GTA by focusing on gratuitous and ridiculous fun. This game is definitely not afraid to offend someone purpose just for the fun of it. Some parents might not appreciate it or understand the fact that the game is one big parody.

Let's see the look on their face when they see that wiggly dildo in your character's hand. 

7. Dead Rising

Dead Rising has zombies and psychopaths in the game for you to deal with. Well, I think this game is pretty safe when you're just hacking and slashing the undead but don't let your parents see the scene above. I think that parents find psychopaths more disturbing than monsters because the former is what's actually real. My step-mom actually wanted to return the game after seeing this.

8. Bully

When we thought Rockstar couldn't get anymore controversial, the company decided to incorporate GTA's fomula into a school environment. This game came out when I was still in elementary so I thought that this was the perfect game to play since I loved the GTA games. You may not be able to kill anyone, but parents wouldn't like the fact that minors are engaging in mature activities throughout the entire game. 

9. God of War

While some people may call God of War's violence as "over the top," I would have to disagree with that claim. It's not violence that it is ridiculous like from what we see in Saints Row. I don't know how to describe it, but it's intense, primal and vivid. You will be able to see someone get torn apart from top to bottom with your hands. Kratos pierces someone's eyes or crushes their skull until nothing is left. 

If your parents squirmed at Mortal Kombat's fatality, let's hear what they think about this. 


10. Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is actually an educational game because it teaches players about one of the most epic and renowned poem by Dante Alighieri and his interpretation of hell. My dad actually enjoyed watching me play this since we were both fans of the original text. However, parents might be hostile to its discussion of sin and it's grotesque portrayal of each one. 

Check out the video above for Lust to see what I am talking about. 

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