Six IPs Telltale Should Get Their Hands On

What are some of the most popular and critically acclaimed IPs Telltale should get their hands on?

by on 4th Dec, 2013

It was recently revealed that Telltale Games' next project would be the Game of Thrones IP. With The Walking Dead and Fables under their belt, the developer surely has their hands full with all these hot entertainment properties. All three of them are widely known and critically acclaimed for its story and characters. 

Fans love how the developer manages to create equally, if not more, engrossing spin-offs of the stories they love. So it's not impossible to believe that Telltale will continue to work on more popular IPs in the future. Here are just some of the IPs Telltale should definitely tackle next.

1. Runaways

If you haven't heard of Runaways, I urge you to go out and purchase the first issue now! This Marvel comic is about a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are part of a supervillain organization called The Pride. They also discover that they inherited their parents' powers in the process. 

The story also often crosses paths with major characters from the Marvel universe. This comic is brought to life by a team of talented writers and artists. This was a project headed by the legendary Brian K. Vaughn. While fans were saddened that the comics and film adaptation was halted, perhaps we can see the Runaways again in a Telltale game?

2. Doctor Who

Doctor Who certainly has a rich history and lore with a diverse set of compelling characters. Telltale can take advantage of the show's size and pick any aspect of the universe to spin on their own. Maybe we can play as one of the past doctors or companions? If that doesn't work, maybe we can play one of the characters and foes the Doctor faced.

The possibilities are endless and it's just ripe for the taking.

3. Harry Potter

If there is one thing I've learned from reading Harry Potter fan fiction, there's never enough stories to tell in the HP universe. Regardless if it's about Harry or not, you can jump to the past and/or to the future for a story. Like Doctor Who, there are just an amazingly plenty number of facets one can dig to tell a good tale. 

Pehaps it can focus on the Aurors or people in Azkaban? Ah, I'm getting already getting excited.

4. Sherlock

While I never watched Sherlock, I am very well aware of how popular it is and the critical acclaim the show has. Telltale won't need to rely on the show's plot since the titular character had a lot of adventures too from Doyle's novels and short stories. The developer has shown in the past that they can be flexible with timelines and what's considered canon, so I believe they can make this work.

5. 100 Bullets

If you could kill someone for revenge and get away with it, would you do it? 100 Bullets attempts to explore this as each issue shows a victim of a terrible wrong be given an opportunity to exact revenge without repercussions. There's a larger force at play here which I won't divulge, but this is something I see Telltale doing.

They could do a different person and story each episode, and then proceed to tie it all together near the end of the first season. 

6. Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man is probably my all time favorite comic book ever. It's a story about the last two males on Earth, Yorick and his monkey Ampersand. Half of the female population wants to make love to him, and the other are Amazonian extremists who want him dead. The strength of this story is how its told in different perspectives. Brian K. Vaughn has already crafted a world and a set of characters. The only thing Telltale needs to do is to create a story inspired by the universe Vaughn created.

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