Four Game Industry Fights and Feuds in 2013

Here are some of the biggest fights and feuds in the game industry that happened this year.

by on 13th Dec, 2013

The video game industry has its own share of feuds and rivalries. While people might know of the fighting that goes on inside a video game, it also happens in real life. Unfortunately, the internet has made it possible to make all these feuds visible to the public. It's not such a good thing for the parties involved 

Here's a look at some of the feuds and rivalries (some friendly, while others are not) in the video game industry...

1. PlayStation vs. Xbox

While the Xbox and PlayStation have been butting heads for years, this was the year the battle heated up when everyone was anticipating the arrival of the newest wave of consoles after more than five years. It was like watching a legendary boxing match unfold as the two companies traded blows with each announcement made.

Sony might have knocked down Microsoft early on by addressing the latter's faults. However, they are soon catching up after reversing their policies and racking up sales close to Sony. The fight is far from over. This year was just a few rounds of the battle.

2. Phil Fish vs. Marcus Beer

We all know that Fez 2 is cancelled, but what's the story behind the sudden move? It all started when Marcus Beer of GameTrailers accused Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow as "self-styled kings of the indie genre." This was because the two developers didn't want to comment on a recent even in the video game industry. Fish soon replied angered over Twitter and demanded an apology. However, Beer was not apologetic at all and it ended with Fish cancelling Fez 2 because of how abusive the industry was as a whole.

I personally think we have the right to give our opinion whenever we want to. It's sad that we would lose someone as talented as Fish partly because of some guy who thought he was entitled to an opinion. Beer might not be the entire reason, but it's certainly plausible that he was the tipping point.

3. Grand Theft Auto V vs. Call of Duty:  Ghosts

If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, you might be surprised as to why I am pitting Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The former made $800 million in a day, and it eventually reached a billion in just three days. Many journalists say that it is the fastest selling entertainment property in history. Activision quickly responded by saying that they aim to take back the throne when their game comes out. 

Did they beat Rockstar's game? Well, Activision says that they've sold a billion copies so far in one day. Wow! Why hasn't it been all over the news? That's because that's the sales they've made to retail stores, not to actual customers. Better luck next time!

4.) Carolyn Petit vs. Internet Trolls

Maybe I shouldn't be using the word "versus" since Carolyn Petit didn't actually fight anyone. She was simply giving her thoughts on the latest Grand Theft Auto game for her review on GameSpot. People started attacking her for criticism that the game was misogynistic, but she did praise the game for the most part. The worst part is that she was also harassed for being a transgender and commentors said that it made them uncomfortable. There was even a petition to get her fired!

Carolyn did fight back by being calm and replied to some comments with class. I would say that she won despite being up against a hateful mob for handling it so well.

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