Best iOS Games of 2014

Gameranx takes a look at the best and most enjoyable games on the iOS of 2014 for your iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.

by on 28th Oct, 2014

ios 2014 games

Update: We've added a fantastic fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game to the list that'll steal hundreds of hours away from you, should you decide to play it. 

For many gamers out there, Apple’s iOS devices are the go-to gaming machines these days, hard as it may be to believe for a lot of you more hardcore folks out there. However, it can’t be denied that those devices have not only become a lot more powerful than their humble beginnings in the late 00s, they have also received a lot of attention by highly skilled game developers, who have produced a great amount of very interesting video games for those devices. Of course the Apple App Store is flooded with tons and tons of games that are rather mediocre in quality at best, so it can be tough for newcomers to sift through the sheer amount of titles and pick out the gems from the drivel.

But that’s why you have people like us, who provide you ever dutiful with the service of insight into the mindbogglingly overcrowded marketplace of throwaway digital titles. Here we list a number of recent and upcoming titles, which won’t need to hide from any of their bigger brother on the “proper” gaming platforms. As usually, keep in mind that the placement on the list is subjective, and what you might think is the best game is either not where you’d put it, or - bummer - not even on the list! If so why don’tcha let us know in the comments? Fire away, good sirs! 

1 Modern Combat 5

Not to be mistaken for another gaming series that’s reigning supreme on the big consoles, Modern Combat 5 is yet another entry into the highly successful series by gameloft. The series is not in any shape or form connected to Call of Duty, but promises a Modern Warfare like experience on the go, and, as far as it goes, delivers exactly that. Including a no holds barred multiplayer.

2 GT Racing 2

Also from Gameloft, GT Racing 2 emulates bigger racing titles on home consoles. And with bravado. This racer features 67, all of which are licensed models, a large amount of race tracks, and both single- and multiplayer modes.

3 Brothers in Arms 3

Based on Gearbox’ successful shooter series. This third entry into the series is not based on Brothers in Arms 3: Hell’s Highway. Instead this will be an on-rails shooter with a few mechanical innovations, and tons of Nazis to kill. Curiously, it’s also developed by Gameloft. Either these guys secretely bribed us, or just make damn good mobile games. Or both?

4 Assassin's Creed Pirates

This tie-in to Asssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag features little in connection to the main game’s story. It features a pirate as the main character, and is not an open world free running game, but a real time strategy title, that has the player commandeer pirate ships in battle on the high seas. 

5 Deus Ex The Fall

Developed as a sort of tie-in-prequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the reveal of this quite excellent full on mobile Deus Ex-perience (not sorry for that!) caused a major upheaval in the gaming sphere. The Fall is a good game, it was just teased as a new full release and received a lukewarm welcome by the fans. 

6 Ridiculous Fishing

The good people of Vambleer know how to make great mobile games. As if the ridiculously addictive Super Crate Box wasn’t proof enough, this new game of theirs (based on another old game of theirs), Ridiculous Fishing is pure joy to play. Throw out the fishing hook, steer it past the fish on the way down, then pull it in, hitting all the fish possible on the way up, then shoot the fish with a shotgun. Earn money for doing so, upgrade your gear. And whoops, you’re hooked and it’s midnight and your date already left. Dammit Vambleer. 

7 Hearthstone

Blizzard will make their premiere on mobile devices with their hugely, insanely addictive and so, so sweet World of Warcraft flavored digital collectible card game. It’s free to play on PC, it might also be free to play on iOS. In any case, it will cost people a lot of time out of their lives when it arrives, any you can get your fix whenever wherever. Dammit Blizzard. Always hooking people on your digital meth! 

Expect this list to be updated as we move forward with the year and as more games come out.

Hero Academy

Hero Academy can be best described as chess meets fantasy as two sides go up against each other in an asynchronous turn-based two-player battle. Combat takes place on a grid, and fans of the Heroes of Might and Magic for the PC will be well versed with what it has to offer. Players must destroy their opponents or their gems, mastering and taking advantage of each of their team’s units’ special abilities.

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