Top 25 Best Horror Games of All Time

Best Horror games: A good horror story may keep most of us awake at night, but a scary video game will ensure that we won't sleep for weeks. Gameranx stepped into the wayback machine to create this tidy list of the top 25 horror games of all time.

by on 1st Oct, 2013

20. ObsCure


ObsCure focused on a group of five high school seniors who stumble upon a laboratory where biological experiments are being performed. The students must then fight their way out in order to warn the remaining student body. The enemies are sensitive to light, with direct sunlight destroying them. Flashlights can be used to slightly weaken the monsters and the black aura surrounding them. 

The game features all the standard tropes you can come to expect from a B-movie. The scarcity of ammunition, health items and save reels were ripped from the early Resident Evil games, but ObsCure adds a whole new dimension. If a character dies it doesn’t end the game, as the story simply continues without them. However, you will grow quite attached to the characters, and frankly you’ll need every hand available to survive to the end.


19. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

i have no mouth

A cookie to those who recognize the game or the 1968 short story off which it was based. A super computer called AM 109 years ago killed off the human race in the Final War and gathered the last five survivors into its underground catacombs to torture them for all eternity for the simple reason it hates humanity with every neuron of its circuits. 

In the game—written by Harlan Ellison, the author of the original short story, who also plays the voice of your tormentor—you control the five characters adventure game style as they face their individual trials of "speared eyeballs and dripping guts and the smell of rotting gardenias." Each of the characters must overcome their fatal flaws, but in the end, the best they can hope for is to lose heroically, gloriously and at the peak of their humanity. That’s if the player was ethical throughout the game. You don’t want to know what happens otherwise.


18. Slender


Some might argue that Slender isn't so much of a game as it is a short, interactive experience that's built right into the browser—but I'd argue otherwise. The game's platform has no merit on whether it's a 'game' or not, and the fact that you'll need a fresh pair of pants when you're done playing it is about the only thing that matters when you play it.

All thoughts of whether it's a "game" or "not a game" fly out the window the moment you hear the creeping static of the Slender Man and your screen starts to go fuzzy as he approaches you at a pace so rapid it'll make your heart fall out of your chest.

If you love scares, do yourself a favor and play this one with the lights off and the headphones on.


17. Siren / Siren: Blood Curse

siren blood curse

The rural village where human sacrifice once took place is now populated by the nightmares of Japanese folklore with creatures that lie somewhere between ghost and zombie. The village is always dark, the denizens always murderous and had nonlinear story telling complete with interweaving narratives with the different characters. Both the games feature a strong emphasis on stealth, meaning you have to hide rather than fight. Furthermore, there is the sightjacking mechanic where—with a tune of the analog stick—you can look through the enemy’s eyes as they approach the very closet you’re hiding in.


16. Rule of Rose

rule of rose

This psychological horror game is a different sort than the others on this list. There is no supernatural element; just very screwed up kids being psychopathically horrible to one another—but most importantly to you. 

The game draws influence from the cruelty found in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the original ones not the sanitized Disney knockoffs. You play 19-year-old Jennifer who becomes trapped with no memory in a world ruled by young girls who have established a class hierarchy based on the cruelty displayed to others. 

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