Top 10 Best Multiplayer Android Games

Multiplayer Android Games: Get your game on—on the go, that is—with ten of these great multiplayer games. Some of these titles even feature cross-platform capability so you can game with your friends on the iPhone.

by on 2nd Apr, 2013

multiplayer android games

The Android is one of the most popular gaming platforms out there. No, seriously. As a smartphone OS, the Android has a huge marketshare that is ahead of the iOS with a 51%-43% lead in 2013. It's a figure that the iOS had ahead of the Android a year back.

Since then, the Android's proved itself a worthy contender in the field of smartphone operating systems and provides its users with every bit of a gaming ecosystem as its Apple counterpart.

Despite popular belief—and heavy amounts of marketing from Apple—the Android is every bit of a gaming platform as the iOS. Offering decent graphics, a flawless touch-based interface and multiplayer capability, Android phones are no stranger to games.

Here’s a decisive roundup of the best multiplayer games that the Android has to offer, including MMORPGs and board games.  


#10 Pocket Legends 

Pocket Legends earned critical acclaim from a variety of tech sites, including Mashable and PocketGamer for offering a good massively multiplayer experience for gamers on the go.  

Players choose their character, develop their abilities and journey into a variety of dungeons alongside other players in this cooperative online game. You need not apply for a World of Warcraft subscription or own a PC to get your game on. 


#9 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the fourth and latest game from Gameloft Montreal that attempts—successfully—to emulate the gameplay of the Call of Duty series for the iPhone and Android.

The game is controlled using virtual buttons on-screen and a virtual control stick is used for movement. For a first person shooter on the mobile, it offers a surprising amount of options as players can crouch behind cover, mantle obstacles, throw grenades, reload manually, and aim down their iron sights.

As with previous titles in the series, Zero Hour features a multiplayer mode that allows up to twelve players to participate in any given game, and fight in levels based on the single player campaign.

The game succeeds in delivering a solid shooter for the mobile platform where Activision fails to deliver a solid Call of Duty, much to everyone's chagrin.


#8 Starfront: Collision HD 

It looks, feels, and plays like StarCraft, but until we see a StarCraft game ported to the Android, Starfront: Collision will have to satiate our hunger for a good RTS.  

Like the much better StarCraft on the PC and Mac, Starfront: Collision offers three distinct races, each with their own campaign, and four-player multiplayer over Gameloft Live, where players can do battle against other players in one vs one, or cooperate in two vs two. 

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