15 Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods

Bethesda’s games have always been home to a huge selection of mods, and Fallout: New Vegas by Obsidian is no exception.

by on 8th Aug, 2011

So you did yourself a favor and you bought Fallout: New Vegas for the PC. Good work! Now you can start modding, but where do you start? Do you install major weather and sky mods that change how the entire Mojave looks? Or do you want to give yourself more perks from the get-go? Well, lucky you! You just found yerself a mighty fine list here partner.


#15 Nevada Skies

Nevada Skies changes not only how the sky itself looks but adds weather, too! It offers sandstorms, rain, thunderstorms, cloudy days, more kinds of sunny days and a myriad of different clouds to look up and squint at. There's even snow in appropriate locations, and rad storms when you think the desert couldn't get any harsher. The night itself changes too—it's darker now and the sky is changed as well, filled with a universe's worth of stars to gaze upon. Even better, it's not sunny one day and then rainy the next. It still feels like it's the desert. 

This mod and the next two listed are highly recommended to download together as the modders themselves have worked to bring them together in a way that makes sense, and so each mod actually affects the other. 


#14 Imp’s More Complex Needs / IMCNNV


Imp's More Complex Needs is a HUGE mod. It changes how food, water and drugs work as well as how your body is affected by them. It even affects the Mojave itself. The mod adds 6 additional levels of nutrition to enhance your immersion in the game. 

There's Protein, Nutrients, Fullness, Stimulants, Mood and Alcohol. Different foods affect you in different ways—for example eating raw gecko meat will make you ill with food poisoning, but cooking it beforehand will increase your mood, fill you up and increase your protein intake. Higher moods equal faster health regeneration. Meat will spoil in your inventory if left there for too long, and if you drink too much Whiskey you'll end up dead in the dirt. Rates have their own multipliers as well, so for example if you find yourself drinking too much water you can adjust that. You can enable or disable the healing factors of food and change your height and weight which in turn affects your metabolism. 

There is just so much this mod does to change the game, that you might not want to return to vanilla mode. 


#13 Ambient Temperature.

ambient temperature mod

This mod alongside the previous two, changes how your body is affected by the wasteland's weather. The temperatures, humidity, dew points—they all change how thirsty and fatigued you become. It also affects what NPCs are wearing and when equipment overheats. It's even set up to reflect Las Vegas' real weather patterns, so it all feels natural. If you get the previous two mods mentioned then I highly recommend you pick this one up too. 


#12 The IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device

imaginator visual control device

The Imaginator vastly changes how you see the world. You can make things brighter, change the overall tint, increase or decrease contrast, saturation, and even add film effects! You can make the Mojave look like something filmed from Star Trek's 1960s cameras. You can also make the world black and white, sepia toned, and add a slow shutter effect for something even more old timey. Make the world bright green or just change the vibrancy to make everything pop. Can't see in the dark? You can fix that too! 

The Imaginator comes with many preset styles as well as giving you the ability to make more subtle changes yourself, so don't be afraid to play around all day long instead of fighting Cazadores—no one will blame you.


#11 Darnified

This mod changes the words you see on the screen so they are smaller, and more compact allowing you to fit more information on the screen at once. You don't have to scroll forever now, because it's all there in front of you. It makes reading through your inventory so much easier, especially while trading. 

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