Skyrim Skill Tree Guide

Ready yourself for Skyrim by delving into these skill trees and decide what character you want to play.

by on 8th Nov, 2011

Skyrim's a few days out, and like so many others, we're just dying to turn it inside out and spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours with everything it has to offer. If Bethesda's past games are any indication, Skyrim will be modded—and then some—once players are through with the vanilla content.

Ryan Patrick of Armada Studio says he's freaking out about Skyrim and got tired of waiting for the release date, so he decided to redo the game's skill trees with beautiful graphics. The result is pretty much what you'd expect from a graphic designer: gorgeous.

This guide was inspired by Ryan O'Nan's fantastic illustrations on his blog.


Skill tree: Restoration | Skill tree: Destruction | Skill tree: Conjuration | Skill tree: Illusion | Skill tree: Two-handed | Skill tree: Speech | Skill tree: Sneak | Skill tree: Smithing | Skill tree: Pickpocket | Skill tree: One-Handed | Skill tree: Lock picking | Skill tree: Light Armor | Skill tree: Heavy Armor | Skill tree: Enchanting | Skill tree: Block | Skill tree: Archery | Skill tree: Alteration | Skill tree: Alchemy


First up is the Restoration skill tree, which revolves around healing spells and buffs. Each upgrade on this tree helps to improve the effectiveness of your spells by reducing magicka usage and so forth.

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