Skyrim Skill Tree Guide

Ready yourself for Skyrim by delving into these skill trees and decide what character you want to play.

by on 8th Nov, 2011

Skill tree: Restoration | Skill tree: Destruction | Skill tree: Conjuration | Skill tree: Illusion | Skill tree: Two-handed | Skill tree: Speech | Skill tree: Sneak | Skill tree: Smithing | Skill tree: Pickpocket | Skill tree: One-Handed | Skill tree: Lock picking | Skill tree: Light Armor | Skill tree: Heavy Armor | Skill tree: Enchanting | Skill tree: Block | Skill tree: Archery | Skill tree: Alteration | Skill tree: Alchemy

Conjuration allows you to summon elementals, demons and the undead. It even allows you to steal souls with Soul Trap and bind them to your weapons and armor.

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skyrim skill tree conjuration

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