Top 9 Modern Warfare 3 Epic Fails

This article takes a gander at the funniest fails of Modern Warfare 3.

by on 14th Dec, 2011

MW3 Fails

cod mw3 fails

There's a universal truth in Modern Warfare 3: No matter how high your rank is, no matter how many times you've prestiged, sooner or later, you're going to have a great big fail moment. Maybe your elite skills will vanish exactly when you need them most. Maybe the game will glitch out and leave you cursing Infinity Ward's shoddy bug testing. Either way, it's only a matter of time until you find yourself watching the killcam and facepalming harder than you ever thought humanly possible. 

But hey, it happens to everyone, and there's no better way to get over it than by watching bad things happen to people who aren't you. With that in mind, we've compiled ten of the most hysterical, entertaining, and downright embarrassing Modern Warfare 3 fail videos we could find. From amusing glitches to bad luck to astonishing displays of ineptitude, these are the best of the worst. 

#9 Respawn Fail

Call of Duty's dynamic spawning system usually does a pretty good job of putting the kibosh on spawn killing. Usually. Here, SteveSchwindt snipes some poor guy, only to have him respawn directly in the middle of his crosshairs, with a teammate close behind. That's one easy double kill, and one huge respawn fail.

#8 Noscoping Is Hard

After missing a couple quickscopes on an oblivious sniper, cousinofoz figures he'll go in quick and shame the guy with a noscope. He sneaks up unoticed, plants the muzzle of his gun about two inches away from his target, and... misses. Twice. Thankfully, oz manages to redeem himself with a few great kills at the end of the video.

#7 Triple Fail

It's the perfect setup. You're sniping, and you've managed to get the jump on three enemies. Play your cards right, and you can take down all three of them with a single headshot. Play them not so right, and you'll wind up like PurpleWookies here, with a quick death and plenty of reasons to facepalm.

#6 Jugger-not

The Juggernaut killstreak reward turns you into an absolute beast on the battlefield, giving you a powerful LMG and ten times the health. Imagine how excited AllAboutNiNjA was to equip one from a care package... only to be immediately crushed to death by another incoming crate.

#5 Host Migration Fail

Just as whytheknife is about to take down a disabled sentry gun, the host quits the match. No problem, right? Thanks to migration, all he has to do is wait for the game to start back up and finish the job. Nope. Turns out sentries don't like to play by the rules, and this one decides to use the countdown timer to power back on and plug him full of holes.

#4 Need a Hand?

This fail comes from the single-player campaign. Some unfortunate fellow is hanging halfway out of the ceiling, arm outstretched as though he's begging for help. Sure, it's probably just a simple physics glitch, but we'd rather pretend we're witnessing the aftermath of some horrible construction accident or a modern art installation.

#3 Shooting Blanks

Every so often, we all miss a shot we could have sworn deserved to connect, but it's rare that anyone encounters the unlucky streak IAmTheArcues gets here. When he stumbles upon an easy kill — an enemy remotely operating an assault drone — and proceeds to miss three quickscopes and five point-blank noscopes. Is this thing even loaded?

#2 Not-so-Special Delivery

In this clip, some artful dodging saves 09reaven from being killed by a falling care package. Unfortunately, there are some fates worse than death, and one of them is being pushed through the map by said care package and getting trapped inside a wall with no way to escape. 

#1 Car Accident

mexassassin wanted to leap down from a balcony without taking fall damage, so he jumped to the highest thing he could find, a car. Pretty smart move, up until the force of his landing caused the car to explode violently, killing himself in the process. I don't mean to be rude, but when you jump on top of a car and it explodes, it might be time to consider a diet.

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