Top 10 Epic Sniper Skills of 2011 Caught on Video

We showcase some of the most epic videos of snipers showing off their skills in both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

by on 22nd Jan, 2012

Sniper Skills of 2011

best sniper kills of 2011

Sniping is a skill.

Ever since the golden days of CounterStrike, players have valued their skill with the sniper rifle above all other weapons. Due to their one-shot tendencies and their ability to hit things at long distance, sniper rifles have become the go-to weapon for every skilled FPS player. 

Despite game designers' efforts to improve the usefulness of other weapons, the sniper rifle's lethality has not diminished over time. The weapon continues to reward skilled players who've learned how to quickscope in the latest games like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. 

We've compiled a number of videos that showcase skilled players and their flawless gameplay when armed with a long-ranged sniper rifle.

#10 Gears of War 3 Sniper Skills

Aaron, better known as "Yamimash" on youtube who's known for his Walkthroughs and Commentaries on Multiple Games, tears through player after player with his Sniper in Gears of War 3.

#9 Sniper Kill Feed - MW3

We could watch this guy's videos all day as he shows off his quick scoping and long-range sniping abilities. 

#8 Strike Like an Eagle - BF3

Terminox strikes like an eagle as he dives from an airplane and takes out a prone sniper with his own sniper rifle at point blank range.  

#7 4 Kills 1 Bullet - BF3

Four kills, one bullet. The sniper rifle isn't necessarily overpowered, but when you've four guys standing in a row, they're just asking to be killed. 

#6 Longest (961m) Headshot - BF3

You can barely see the target in this one, but this player manages to take out an enemy at 961 meters. 

#5 22 Headshot Killstreak - BF3

Armed with only a sniper rifle, Jazz takes out 22 enemies across the battlefield in a single streak, never missing a single shot. 

#4 Streaking - MW3

Jazz is equally good in Modern Warfare 3 as he is in Battlefield 3. He does not miss a single shot.

#3 Triple Headshot Across The Map - MW3

FazeKontrol scores a tirple headshot across the map in this round of Modern Warfare 3

#2 Headshot in Mid-Air - BF3

We can't tell if this was skill or pure luck, but TocaFita managed to score a mid-air headshot in Battlefield 3.

#1 Epic Long Range Double Kill - BF3

You've seen absolutely long ranged kills--so here's a double kill at long range. Now that takes some skill.

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