Aggregate Herald - Early Edition April 2nd

Just the good stuff.

by on 2nd Apr, 2012

So, after the insufferable April’s Fools day is done with for another year, it’s safe for us from Aggregate Herald to come out of our bunker again and tell you people out there what to read.

This time, there seems to be no talk about THAT ENDING abound. Hopefully everything has been said about it at this point.

Over at unwinnable, Cara Ellison muses about gender and AI, about HAL, SHODAN and GladOS. A subject matter way too few people ever write about.

Lana Polansky at Medium Difficulty writes about one of my personal pet peeves - game criticism and product reviews. She argues - as I oftentimes do myself - that game criticism is all too often not critical but ‘industrial appraisal’. Go there. Read that. Important stuff.

From Gamasutra comes an article on the history of videogames in the light of the Smithsonian opening up a video game exhibition in DC, and the question arises of when exactly the original Super Mario Bros was released in the US.

And then there is once more the omnipresent Leigh Alexander, writing on the divergence between game designers and writers and the resulting lack of good storytelling in games, featured at Edge Online.

That’s it for this edition of the ‘Herald. Come back in a few days for more.

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