Aggregate Herald - Early Edition April 5 2012: And Still the Effect Masses On

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by on 5th Apr, 2012

Aggregate Herald

Another day, another round of Mass Effect 3 controversies. Will it ever stop? Asking my magic 8-Ball it tells me ‘outlook not so good’. Ah well.

Seems the people dissatisfied with THAT ending are not the only ones harboring a grudge on EA and BioWare. Seems a lot of people don’t like that those two give non-straight characters so much spotlight. has a great rundown of that story today, bad as it is. From the ‘why can’t we all just get along?

Speaking of great rundowns, Roger Travis provides a very thoughtful, deep analysis of the whole Mass Effect 3 ending brouhaha on playthepast. While musings about the controversy don’t make it disappear, they sure make me scratch my head less intensively - so props to Mr. Travis from my much abused scalp.

And lastly, there is this outstanding piece written by J. Shea on why fantasy - and especially fantasy video games - are so rarely taken seriously by ‘serious people’. It’s safe to say that this is one of the better articles I’ve read this week, but then again, lack of ‘seriousness’ is one of my pet videogame peeves.

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