Top 4 Best Crysis 2 Mods That'll Make Your Jaws Drop

CryEngine 3 is one of the most advanced engines on the market, and game modders are more than willing to put it to use.

by on 26th Apr, 2012

Crysis 2 Mods

cryengine 3

There's plenty you can achieve with CryEngine 3 as long as you're willing to go the distance with it. And modders are willing to do just that with the powerful game engine, by creating mods for Crysis 2 as well as standalone titles.

We've decided to showcase four of the most spectacular mods built in CryEngine 3, with Crysis 2 as its base. None of these projects have been released as of yet, but they're pretty far along in their development—and they're put together well enough that they even resemble big budget titles.


First up is SAPIENCE, a Dark Craft Studios mod for Crysis 2. Its developers have put together a pre alpha trailer based on all the game's existing content to showcase it. The game appears to contain a wide variety of environments and full, first person shooter combat. There' even some vehicular segments in there.

#3 Titanic: Lost in the Darkness

Titanic: Lost in the Darkness by ORM Entertainment is an almost-too-realistic walkthrough of the Titanic, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean a century ago and was later dredged up from the depths to star in a sappy movie by James Cameron.

#2 Arthias

Arthias is a mod which intends to push the CryEngine 3 to its very limits, offering dreamlike and naturalistic scenes that look plucked right out of Avatar, which wasn't much of a sappy movie compared to the aforementioned Titanic.

It's been in development for a few years now, as its developers had to port it over from CryEngine 2 over to the newer one.

#1 ToyWars V2

Last, but not least, there's ToyWars V2, which apparently started its life as a joke about the Nanosuit in Crysis being an action figure. It then became a multiplayer map. Its developer intends to add AI and a bunch of other things to make it more enjoyable.

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