Prototype 2 Glitches Are Pretty Damn Amusing

Prototype 2 isn't particularly glitchy, but when it bugs out, it's pretty damn amusing.

by on 3rd May, 2012

Prototype 2 Glitches

prototype 2 glitches

Prototype 2 has just been released, and as it is with newly released games, it's still pretty buggy. 

Anyone who's picked up the game on day one will have to contend with some of the glitches the game has on offer, at least until Radical Entertainment and Activision come around with a patch. 

Though the game's numerous glitches aren't in any way the cause of its undoing (it's actually a pretty good game) they do make for an amusing spectacle. 

With "amusing" and "spectacle" in mind, we've put together a list of six glitches currently affecting Prototype 2. Thankfully, none of them are particularly game-breaking. 


This particular glitch causes the main character to find himself stuck in the body of an enemy who drags him around like a ragdoll.


This glitch is reminiscent of Harry Potter's Platform 9 1/2, requiring you to run straight into a wall to enter some sort of alternate universe.


It's like that Kerli song about walking on air. I'm not going to quote it.


This Blackwatch dude thinks he's Liu Kang with his bicycle kick. 


It's a floating helicopter. "I mean seriously, you see a fin right there. I don't know what happened, seriously. I'm inside of a military base right here…" 


Some dead men simply refuse to stay still. But it's okay, we'll end them anyway. "Send the ground my regards, motherfucker."

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