25 Best Video Game Inspired Desserts

Although they are quite delicious, the following desserts might make you more violent by eating them.

by on 23rd Jun, 2012

When you really love a game, and I mean really love a game, you want to absorb it in any way possible. This also includes creating edible versions of characters, logos, and environments and then consuming them. The following 25 images will make you hungry, that's a guarantee, but they will also make you nostalgic for some of the most iconic titles to ever grace our game libraries. After digesting this list, do yourself a favor and play one of the titles you see represented in dessert form while eating a cookie or something. 

Some of these images come with a link to their respective recipe, so you don't have to sit there sulking, wondering why you don't have someone to make these for you. No more crying in the shower out of loneliness, or at least you can have a cake in there to keep you company.

Look! I made it to the end of this without mentioning any malarky about cakes and their truthfulness! So hop aboard the diabetes train and let's get started.

These Portal cupcakes aren't just amazing, but you can make them yourself, thanks to Snack Or Die! Here's the link to the recipe!

This four-tiered Halo cake is a perfect homage to the Master. The Ark between the third and fourth delicious level disappears into the fluffy clouds. Mmm, Unggoy!

Cake... Cake never changes. Ok, I had to get that out of my system. This Gears dessert is impressively accurate, almost makes me feel a little sick thinking that is supposed to be blood.

This Okami cake is massively artistic. I would try to cuddle Amaterasu and then have it smash into a million pieces leaving me alone and crying in a cake, but that's every Friday night for me.

These adorable fondant cupcakes depict a touching scene of Mario trying to make his way up to Peach who is either levitating or about to take a horrific tumble resulting in severe lacerations.

You might assume that an Angry Birds cake would be filled with pork, but you'd be wrong.

Here's your chance to devour the Eyebot. It's a dream of many Fallout fans, I know.

Nothing is more rock and roll than eating your Explorer. I'm not joking, if you plan on being famous, I hope you like the taste of plastic.

Sackboy is on top of the world. You will feel as heavy as it if you eat this whole thing.

This Windwaker cake is adorable. Created by Little Cherry Cake Company, there are so many things to love about this dessert.

Normally I'd be incredibly fearful of a Metroid out in the wild, but I get really hungry when I see these. Look at their little cashew arms!

Katamaris! So if you roll one around, they will pick up other desserts. IT'S A NEVER ENDING BALL OF DELICIOUSNESS. Thanks to Snack or Die, you can make your own!

This is a perfect recreation of the Portal cake, and I'm sure whoever made this also brought along a bag full of overused quotes, but that's okay. Especially since in this scenario, there really IS cake.

Oh my goodness, this cake is almost too cute to eat. Kirby is giving you those "Please don't devour me" eyes, but don't give in! Think of all the times he's sucked you up while playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. NO MERCY.

You can try to wear this amazingly detailed Majora's Mask cake, but I'd just recommend cutting off a slice for yourself. Better hurry, though, it's the dawn of the third day.

Now, normally, I wouldn't put a dessert on this list that simply reused an image, but the construction of this fight stick is amazing. I would button mash this into a pulp if I actually attempted to use it, though.

This saucy looking Sonic is just asking for a knife to the face.

Another fantastic dessert straight out of Snack or Die, you can be the envy of Tamriel with delicious Skyrim sigil brownies.

This StarCraft cake, although a little rough around the edges, has some serious detail. It's probably also exponentially less frustrating than playing a full game as the Zerg.

This little Minecraft snack is absolutely perfect. Thanks to the Gourmet Gaming Blog for posting the recipe and although it looks like quite the tough cake to craft, it is most assuredly worth it.

Frankly, I can't believe this is a cake. This core needs to be disassembled for a more close examination. The good thing about this core is that it won't boss you around or betray you.

Imagine your disappointment when Mario pops out of your cake instead of a stripper.

Yup, that's totally what the Pyro would do to a birthday cake. What a dick. I hope Josh got a piece before the whole thing went up in flames.

When you love World of Warcraft, you REALLY love it. This cake was created with that same passion that keeps gamers glued to their monitors for hours at a time. For a game so epic, only this dessert would suffice.

Now, I had to include this cake. Not because it's amazing, but because it is terrifying. This Link bust is the thing of nightmares. I swear, I caught this cake standing outside my window last night, breathing heavily.

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