Ten Amazing Video Game Freak-Outs

And everybody hurts sometimes.

by on 13th Jul, 2012

10 Video Game Freak-Outs

Video games - they bring us intense joy, but also drag us down to the lowest of lows. With the ever-rising popularity of YouTube comes the inevitable posting of our darkest hours. When that game glitches out, when you make the wrong move, when you throw your controller, the internet will be watching. Judging.

What you are about to see is a collection of gamers in the wild. If you notice I've left out the one with the guy trying to shove a controller up his ass, because this list aims to target the real videos. These are all legit, captured by brave souls who know what the internet clamours for on a daily basis - pure humiliation.

First, a warning. All of these contain foul language. I mean, we're all gamers here, so I think there's a general understanding that swearing is going to happen. However, there are also some intense moments of racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks. Oh, you came from Xbox Live? So you know what I'm talking about.

Let's do this.

It doesn't just happen to casual gamers. During this World of Warcraft tournament, professional gamer Celex takes second place to SK at EM Montreal. He isn't terribly happy with this and goes on a bit of a tear, hitting a few inanimate objects. Now, this type of raging is somewhat understandable - Celex does this for a living - and once he calms down, he even shakes his opponent's hand.

Brothers, am I right? This little shit takes it upon himself to be the catalyst for his older brother's rage-fest. Thinking something is wrong with his controller, the older brother freaks out.

During an incredibly challenging Guitar Hero song, this guy misses one note. Apparently, that's all it takes. Poor Explorer. It was always the best guitar.

Messing around with someone's World of Warcraft account is really asking for it. when you stand to make legitimate money off of your efforts, the sheer concept of losing the cumulative amount of work is enough to drive anyone mad. This is another case of dudes messing with their "friends."

Playing DDR on a keyboard can actually be really fun, unless you are looking for a near perfect run on an impossible song. In an effort to capture his grand achievement on film, this guy shows off the other war-wounds his walls have received.

It's only fair that if we show off Celex of Gravitas freaking out, we take a look at a Team SK rage. This time it's Swarm with lots of criticism for his teammate in the form of expletive deleteds - except they aren't deleted. Again, pro gamers, so I understand the importance of taking first place. I don't fault Swarm for freaking out, but it's still fun to watch. This went down in Los Angeles at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament.

This is a portrait of a troubled youth. While playing Modern Warfare 2, this kid starts beating the shit out of a door, and I think the door wins. If you ever wonder what is yelling at you on the other side of Xbox Live - now you know.

Again with the brothers! You guys and your male bonding. I feel bad for this little guy, though. He's just trying to play a game of Maple Story when guys twice his size pull him away from the experience. He reacts like a child because - well - he is a child.

Everyone has this friend. The one who is an asshat and refuses to realize it. No provocation is necessary for this kiddo to fly off the handle, but his friends deal it out to him anyway. Maybe he should just be better at CoDBLOPS.

I'm pretty sure at some point during this video, this kid shouts out "YOU GUYS SUCK AIDS!" It's another CoDBLOPS rager. Activision should be forced to set up a reform camp for all these crazy kids they are creating. In a way, it's incredibly gratifying to see these children getting so angry, knowing I am probably on the other end ruining their day.

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