15 Biggest WTF Moments in Video Games From The Current Generation

We take a look at 15 of the most WTF-inspiring moments in games of this generation.

by on 12th Aug, 2012

WTF Moments in Video Games

wtf moments

Every gamer has had some sort of "WTF moment" at least once in their life. These moments can range from being scared witless from seeing the sight of a ghost in Fatal Frame, to having your jaw drop at the infamous mannequin defilement scene in Silent Hill 2. It goes without saying that Silent Hill's Pyramid Head has been a relatively potent source of WTF-ness in games.

These mindblowing instances have the potential to define the player's experience of a game, and they happen very rarely.

There are other times in which a game manages to properly elicit a reaction of awe, but only for the player experiencing it. As games are interactive, emergent experiences, these moments can be entirely unscripted but they are still no less worthy of shock.

In this article, we take a look at 15 of the most WTF-inspiring moments in games of this generation.


Infinite Undiscovery is a terrible game, and its infamous dinner dance scenes is one of its worst moments.


End of Eternity tries to be a serious, "Western" style of JRPG, but scenes like Vashyron's dance not only undermine this premise, but elicit a worthy WTF.


The "bear scene" in Condemned 2 is without a doubt one of the scariest moments in video games. It's all very sudden, and it'll have you running scared—and into literal dead ends.


Were someone to mention the nuke scene in Modern Warfare, most gamers would know exactly what he or she is referring to. It's easily one of the most shocking, and unexpected moments in video game history.


Lord Sheogorath is one of the funniest, and most fascinating characters in a Bethesda game, and this little speech he gives you for completing a task is proof of that.


A baby necromorph approaches a woman in Dead Space 2, but it was clearly the wrong decision for the lady to welcome the creature into her arms. What occurred next was the woman, well, being blown to pieces.


The injury sustained in this Blitz: The League II match is excruciating to say the least. After bumping into an opponent, his scrotum gets ruptured.


Being shot be an arrow in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,  this particular guard decided to maintain his original stance when falling to his death.


So you're just cruising around Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, shooting some innocent pedestrians; you know, normal stuff. And then you fall head-first into the ground, with a police car that follows you and blows up when hitting the ground, which ultimately kills the player.


Niko is wondering around in Grand Theft Auto IV when, suddenly, a police car is approaching, which hits an obstacle and sees the police officer in the passenger seat being catapulted out of the window.


A Halo 3 player sees himself floating off the platform of a multiplayer map, to which he keeps floating. With opponents trying to ruin the fun and shooting him, this player kills this instead from his advantageous situation.


This Battlefield 3 player experienced one of the biggest WTF moments we've ever seen. To him, it was hilarious and made his day. To each their own, then. Anyway, he basically gets hit with the full force of an incoming jet.


Jumping to save a civilian from the fire, Spider-Man himself fails the task. How? Well, he falls short of jumping far enough and consequently finds himself landing face first into the fire.


We've seen some pretty crazy things stemming from recent FIFA games, including FIFA 12. There's the Andy Carroll and Lukasz Fabianski kiss, for one. This particular moment, though, is a bit more lunatic with a player being, well, hammered from the behind by the goalkeeper. He eventually gets up and scores.


When turning the vehicle wheel friction to -9 in Grand Theft Auto IV, only crazy occurrences will be the inevitable outcome. In this particular case, a pedestrian says "Oh my goodness" and then gets hit face-first with a car.

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