Top 10 Racing Games on the Xbox 360

If you're a car enthusiast and a racing game fanatic, the Xbox 360 has a lot to offer. Let's checkout the best racing games on the Xbox 360 and countdown the Top 10 list.

by on 30th Sep, 2010

The racing genre has seen a multitude of games on the Xbox 360 and there have been some outstanding new franchises launched by the likes of Codemasters in this generation of console gaming. We've tried to nitpick some of the best Xbox 360 racing games, and here's our Top 10 Xbox 360 racing games based on critic ratings, amazing gameplay, cars and visual presentation.

#10. F1 2010

F1 fans haven't really had a taste of a very good game of their beloved sport, but Codemasters have settled that with F1 2010. It offers one of the most complete and comprehensive offering of the F1 circuit. Championship mode, Grand Prix, Time attack, Mulitplayer and online leaderboards are all in there to make it one of the most complete F1 offering available on the Xbox 360.

#9. PURE

What do you get when you mix the speed and boosting of Burnout with a similar terrain of Motorstorm? Well, you get Pure. The arcade racer adds tricks and moves to add a bit of spice to the dull "get first to the finish line" racing mechanism. These tricks and moves add to your boost meter making things more interesting. Track design and fantastic customization options also provide a much needed overall racing experience.

#8. NFS Most Wanted

Some might go on to say that Most Wanted is the best NFS game out yet. Addition of the Police to a series coming out of the dark underground city scapes is by far the best thing that happened to the franchise, but the real highlight are the amazingly mind-blowing cut scenes. Getting away from the cops, who happen to pop up from nowhere during races or free-roam could be a hassle, but is fun nonetheless. Most Wanted has close to 37 unlock-able cars.

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