Top 7 Best Online Virtual Worlds for Kids

We've put together a list of the best online virtual worlds for kids to play, which are fun and interactive at the same time

by on 11th Nov, 2010

5. Habbo (Formerly "Habbo Hotel")

habbo virtual world kids

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Habbo is one of the oldest and more famous online communities geared towards teenagers, and like most of the others listed here, includes a highly customizable avatar, but in order to customize a dedicated space, decorative elements (known in the game as furni) must be purchased with either Pixels or Credits. Pixels are in-game currency earned from satisfying various requirements and achievements, such as logging in and greeting other players in a friendly manner. Credits, on the other hand, are obtained via a direct pay system, commonly credit card or SMS. Because this particular online community does cater exclusively to teenagers, there are filters in place, but the site also relies heavily on paid in-game moderators, who have the authority to mute players, eject them from rooms (referred to as kicking) or ban them, all for varying lengths of time. Previously, moderation duties were often assigned to experienced volunteers, known as Hobbas, but this program was discontinued in the interest of what developers consider providing the most secure environment possible.

6. Teen Second Life

teen second life

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Due to the overwhelming popularity of Second Life, an online community with an emphasis on environment customization through modeling and scripting. This is by far the most immersive of the online communities listed here, as it is often used as a meeting place for art festivals, interviews, classes, religious ceremonies and nearly anything else one could imagine. In fact, Sweden, Serbia, Estonia, Albania, Colombia, Macedonia, the Philippines and the Maldives all have official virtual embassies in Second Life, which is also home to many cultures which do not exist in the physical world (or exist only in subculture form). However, quite a few of these subcultures and many of the virtual events associated with them have been deemed not suitable for minors under the age of 18, so a separate grid was created as a safe space for this crowd, which is more heavily moderated, but has all the other scripting features in tact. When a player turns 18, he or she is automatically moved to the 18+ grid, but retains any virtual possessions acquired during time spent in the teen grid. Like many other online communities, membership is free with enhanced features such as land ownership available to premium members.

7. Runescape

runescape for kids virtual world

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Unlike most of the other options presented here, RuneScape is an actual MMORPG with a real-time fight system, fantasy-themed quests, leveling, and PvP combat. It is additionally unique within the world of RPGs in that players do not have to choose a character class, and are free to combine ranged, magic, and melee attacks according to preference. In addition to these features, RuneScape also allows players to join in mini-games and trade with one another, though some mini-games are restricted to paying members only. In-game chat is also available to players, and there are forums accessible either to paying members, or those who have achieved a combined level of 350.

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