Top 10 Best RPGs for Xbox 360

Role playing games have hit the Xbox 360 with force in recent years. Here are ten of the best RPGs on the Xbox 360.

by on 15th Nov, 2010

It may not be the most powerful console on the market, but the Xbox 360 is arguably the most popular. Though Nintendo's Wii has technically shipped more units worldwide, the 360 has logged more hours of use than any consoles of the current generation. This is surely due in part to a stellar array of RPGs available for the platform. Here, in no particular order, are ten of our favorite RPGs for Xbox 360.

Mass Effect 2

mass effect 2 xbox 360

Here we have another sequel that is at least as good as the original game, and provides an extra degree of continuity in the form of being able to import the Shepard created in the original game into the world of this one. And not just as an empty avatar, but all the choices made made prior to even beginning this game are factored in as well. Did you punch that reporter in the face? Well guess what. That is going to stay with you forever.

With up to 13 party members and 100 side quests, Mass Effect 2 provides countless hours of gameplay, and like the crossover from the first game to this one, Bioware has informed gamers that the import option will be available once again for Mass Effect 3, which is tentatively slated for release in late 2011.


Lost Odyssey

lost odyssey

Of all the games on the list, this one comes closest to seeming like a Final Fantasy title without actually being one, especially since the music was written by Nobuo Uematsu. Lost Odyssey, released by Mistwalker, could easily pass as a Square Enix title.

Immortal man Kiam Argonar has amnesia, and has been wandering the world for a millennium without knowing who he is. He has survived a meteor impact, wars, monsters and various forms of enchantment. Combat is turn-based with 7 playable characters, and the cutscenes are particularly worth watching in this beautifully rendered game.

Dragon Age: Origins

dragon age origins

Another Bioware title, Dragon Age: Origins features the same player choice-driven narrative, but this time in a fantasy setting. Players select a character class and race, and are immediately thrown into a scenario where they are one of two "Grey Wardens" left in the country. A Grey Warden's job is to defend the country from an invasion of demons, known as "The Blight", and led by the Arch Demon. The variety of skills and magic spells from which to choose is astounding, as is the amount of option side quests. all these options plus the tailoring of the environment and story based on in-game choices makes for a sound purchase for those who want to be able to play through a game more than once with a different experience each time.

Fable II

fable 2

Fable II is an amazing sequel that has far surpassed its predecessor on several counts. In addition to a similarly engaging story and side quests galore, players are given a companion in the form of a dog who can hunt for buried loot, and the ability to take on various roles and jobs around town. This game makes even the most menial of tasks very engaging, and many players have reported killing an hour or two just talking to villagers, which would normally get old pretty fast. The nature of the game and environment depends highly upon in-game choices, so the replay factor tends to be high, particularly in light of the fact that both local and XBL co-op play is available.

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