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Origin Sale Makes Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3, and More Half Price

By Jordan Erica Webber20th Mar

Yesterday, EA launched a “Player Appreciation” sale on Origin to celebrate the milestone of 40 million users registered... More »


Phil's Story Corner – Isaac Clarke: From Engineer to Soldier in Dead Space 3

By Phil Owen17th Mar

In the original Dead Space, Isaac Clarke was nothing more than an engineer. He came along with his pals to see what was going on with... More »


Next Week's Dead Space 3 DLC Promises More Horror

By Mathew Jones7th Mar

There were criticisms that Dead Space 3 had strayed far more toward an action based experience than found the first two. The upcoming... More »


Universal Ammo, Microtransactions Added Late In Development Of Dead Space 3

By Mathew Jones5th Mar

Update:  We can no longer confirm the veracity of this story due to an official rebuttal from EA.

According to the... More »


Dead Space 3 Launches at Number One in the UK Charts

By Jordan Erica Webber11th Feb

Dead Space 3 has made it to the top of the UK charts in its launch week, with – UKIE reports – the biggest launch of the year so... More »


Dead Space 3 Review: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

9th Feb

Dead Space 3 Review

In space, no one can hear you scream. 

But on Tau Volantis, you can’t ignore the... More »


Dead Space 3 Infinite Resources 'Exploit' Is Not An Exploit

By Ian Miles Cheong8th Feb

A few days ago, we reported of a certain Dead Space 3 exploit that could be used to acquire near-unlimited resources in the game,... More »


Dead Space 3 Cheats

7th Feb

There are no more cheats in games, and even if there are, they're the kind you generally have to pay for as a paid service, or... More »

Dead Space 3: A Journey Through Terror Part Two Shows Us "The Art of Scares" By Alex Co7th Feb

Some of you might already have finished Dead Space 3, but EA isn't slowing down on the marketing front just because the game's... More »


Dead Space 3 Secrets: Tungsten Locations Guide

6th Feb

If you've spent any time playing Dead Space 3 you'll know how difficult it can be to acquire Tungsten early on in the game. As... More »

Dead Space 3: DLC Weapons Showcased, Available As Paid Microtransactions By Ian Miles Cheong5th Feb

Like many other games from EA Games and other publishers these days, Dead Space 3 comes with an assortment of day-one DLC weapons.... More »

Dead Space 3 PC Version Offers Extensive Graphics Settings, Contrary To Early Reports By Ian Miles Cheong5th Feb

Word got out last week when a few publications reported their experiences of Dead Space 3 prior to its launch tomorrow, stating that... More »


Dead Space 3's Kinect Commands Listed, At Least Partially

By Matt Hawkins5th Feb

For those of you picking up Dead Space 3 for the Xbox 360s, a reminder: there's some Kinect functionality baked in. And, courtesy... More »


Dead Space 3 'Awakened' DLC Announced For Next Month

By Holly Green5th Feb

It's Dead Space 3 release day! And you know what that means. Time to announce new content! Yes, already we have details on... More »


Dead Space 3 Collectibles Location Guide: Weapons, Artifacts, Circuit Nodes And Logs

5th Feb

The first two titles in the Dead Space series didn't offer much in the way of collectibles. For the most part, you spent much of... More »


Dead Space 3 Glitches | Exploits: Infinite Item Respawn, Unlimited Resources and More

5th Feb

If Dead Space 3 is anything like its predecessors—and it's a LOT like its predecessors—then it's certainly not bug... More »


Dead Space 3: A Lot More Stories to Tell in Dead Space Universe, Claims Visceral

By Alex Co5th Feb

With Dead Space 3 already out at retail, Visceral associate producer John Calhoun conducted a last Q&A session for fans over on... More »


Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

4th Feb

Dead Space 3 is Isaac Clarke's most terrifying adventure to date, but it's not one he has to go on alone as he's... More »


EA Releasing Dead Space 3 Branded Watch

By Alex Co4th Feb

Dead Space 3's release is but a day away and EA doesn't just want you to play the game, they're also enticing franchise... More »


Dead Space 3 Demo Hits Two Million Downloads

By Alex Co4th Feb

While some fans are cautious when it comes to Dead Space 3 since it's now implementing optional co-op and a slew of other... More »


Dead Space 3: Markers are the Game's "Villain"

By Alex Co1st Feb

While the Dead Space franchise has thrown a lot of enemies at protagonist Isaac Clarke to dismember, there's one villain that... More »

Dead Space 3 Story Trailer Depicts Romance, Horror, and Death By Ian Miles Cheong31st Jan

EA Games and Visceral have released a new trailer for Dead Space 3, this time to showcase the game's on-going story. Dead Space 3... More »


Dead Space 3 Micro-Transaction Prices Revealed

By Alex Co31st Jan

By now, chances are you already know that Dead Space 3 will offer optional micro-transactions to help you craft weapons and other... More »


Dead Space 3 Includes Permadeath, Classic, and Survival Horror Modes

By Ian Miles Cheong30th Jan

With so much negativity going around the release of Dead Space 3, it's nice to hear something good about the game, for a... More »


Dead Space 3 to Have "Disturbing" Post Launch DLC, Unlockable Game Modes and More Revealed

By Alex Co30th Jan

Over on the official Dead Space 3 site, franchise producer Steve Papoutsis reveals some of the things he and his team at Visceral has... More »


Visceral Games 'Confused' Over Why PC Gamers Are Angry About Dead Space 3

By Ian Miles Cheong29th Jan

Visceral Games took no small amount of heat from PC gamers when it was revealed just a few days ago that the PC version of their... More »

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer Wants to Take Down the Terror By Alex Co28th Jan

Seeing as Dead Space 3 is about a week away from launch, EA has now seen it fit to release the title's launch trailer to welcome... More »


Dead Space 3: Drawing The Line At Microtransactions And Other Marketing Shenanigans

By Seb Wuepper27th Jan

When will enough be enough? When do we, as the collective customer base of gaming publishers, decide that the line has been crossed,... More »

Dead Space 3 Gets Accolades Thrown About In New Trailer By Alex Co25th Jan

When a big-budget game gets shown off at E3, chances are it will tout the accolades the game has garnered in a trailer just to remind... More »


Art Exhibit Inspired By Dead Space 3 To Take Place In Paris On February 7

By Matt Hawkins24th Jan

If you're a diehard Dead Space fan who also happens to be in France (and there has to be at least a few out there that fits both... More »


Dead Space 3 PC to Be a Straight Port from Consoles, Ice Planet to Bring In New Kinds of Horror

By Alex Co23rd Jan

Don't expect any fancy-schmancy PC-exclusive features from Dead Space 3 when it ships next month.

Speaking to... More »


Dead Space 3 to Feature Optional Micro-Transactions for Weapon Crafting

By Alex Co22nd Jan

For those who played Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, you might remember that the game offered booster packs in exchange for real... More »

Mass Effect 3's N7 Armor Comes to Dead Space 3 By Ian Miles Cheong21st Jan

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have posted a new gameplay video revealing the presence of Mass Effect's iconic N7 armor in their... More »


Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions: Dead Spac3

By Ian Miles Cheong16th Jan

Dead Space was pretty rad. Dead Space 3 is gonna be even radder because it's got a 3 attached to the back of the name. That means... More »

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition Revealed By Alex Co14th Jan

Visceral has just announced the "Development Team" Edition of its upcoming sci-fi horror game Dead Space... More »

New Dead Space 3 Kinect Trailer Shows Off Co-op Voice Commands By Holly Green7th Jan

The Kinect has famously been an epic letdown in the motion control department, culminating in few uses of actual redeeming value... More »


Dead Space 3 Cosplay is So Impressive, He Got Hired by EA

By Alex Co3rd Jan

Remember when we posted how Anna Moleva's (a.ka. Ormeli) portrayal of Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite was so impressive she got... More »


Dead Space 3 For Kinect Has Secretive, Profanity Driven Prompts

By Matt Hawkins28th Dec

The upcoming Dead Space 3 for the Xbox 360 will support the Kinect, something that's been public knowledge for some time now.... More »


Dead Space 3 Demo Dated, Set to Take Place on Tau Volantis

By Alex Co27th Dec

Following the trailer recapping Dead Space 1 and 2's story, EA has now announced the demo date for Dead Space 3 and that it... More »

Dead Space 3 "The Story so Far" Plot Recap Trailer Released by Visceral By Alex Co27th Dec

With Dead Space 3's release just two months away, Visceral has now released a new story trailer called "The Story so... More »


Dead Space 3 Achievements Revealed, Contains Spoilers

By Alex Co21st Dec

Heads up, Dead Space fans, as the Achievements/Trophy list for Dead Space 3 is now out! Seeing as the game's selling point is the... More »


Dead Space 3: Visceral on Markers and How They Affect Clarke

By Alex Co19th Dec

Over on the official Dead Space 3 site, senior production designer Ben Wanat talks about the Markers and its effect on... More »


Dead Space 3: Isaac Clarke Battles Necromorphs in New Screenshots

By Ian Miles Cheong14th Dec

You might not consider cooperative games to be capable of scaring the pee out your bladder, but EA Games and Visceral are more than willing to... More »

Dead Space 3 Shows the "Evolution" of Humans By Alex Co13th Dec

Visceral Games has released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 and this might be the best one yet. To start off, there are no montage of... More »


EA Details Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Items

By Holly Green3rd Dec

Planning on plunking down some pre-order cash on Dead Space 3? Today Electronic Arts has revealed the exclusive bonuses available when... More »


Dead Space 3 Co-op Doesn't Affect Isaac's Story

By Julie Horup9th Nov

Dead Space 3 producer Steve Papoutsis took some time out to have a chat with the European PS Blog about the game and especially its... More »

Dead Space 3 Footage Shows Eight-Minutes of Co-Op Action By Alex Co8th Nov

Visceral's Dead Space 3 has a nice eight-minute preview courtesy of Machinima and in it, we see the game's co-op mechanic once... More »


EA Shows Off Dead Space 3 Screenshot and & Teases “Big News”

By Jeanine Celestin-Greer7th Nov

These days, with the fast paced nature of the Internet, businesses have discovered it’s better to tease big news first, and then... More »


New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Released, Still Looks Amazing

By Alex Co9th Oct

EA has released a batch of freshly-baked Dead Space 3 screenshots and like the trailers, they look fantastic so far. Once again, the... More »

Dead Space 3 "Tools of Terror" Contest Winner Chosen, HUN-E1 Badger Revealed By Alex Co3rd Oct

If you didn't know, Visceral Games held a "Tools of Terror" contest where fans submitted their original gun suggestions... More »

Dead Space 3's 17-Minute "Eudora" Gameplay Walkthrough Looks Fantastic By Alex Co25th Sep

Visceral Games has just released a new gameplay walkthrough of Dead Space 3 and it's 17-minutes long! There is a catch to see it... More »


New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Break out of Space, Shows Necromorphs in a Rig

By Alex Co24th Sep

While Dead Space 3 news has been sparse the past few months, EA aims to tide us over with a freshly-baked batch of new screenshots... More »


Dead Space 3 Screenshots: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

By Ian Miles Cheong28th Aug

Visceral and EA Games are showing off a host of new visuals for their upcoming survival-horror-in-space game, Dead Space 3. The new... More »


Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Bonuses Revealed

By Alex Co16th Aug

EA has announced what Dead Space 3 fans will get when they pre-order the game before its February, 2013... More »

Dead Space 3's Latest Video Shows Isaac Building Weapons from Scratch By Alex Co16th Aug

When EA took to the stage at this year's Gamescom to showcase their games, one of the highlights was undoubtedly Dead Space... More »

Dead Space 3 Ventures into the Heart of Dead Space Ships By Ian Miles Cheong14th Aug

Dead Space 3 resurfaced at Gamescom today with a brand new trailer, courtesy of EA. The trailer shows Isaac Clarke's journey to... More »


Dead Space 3 Gets New Horrifying Enemy

By Jen Shaffer6th Aug

Dead Space 3 has been criticized lately for not being scary enough and although gameplay hasn't wowed players yet, Visceral Games... More »


Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 & Madden 2013 Pre-Orders Outpacing Their Previous Iterations Significantly

By Alex Co31st Jul

EA just had their annual earnings conference call earlier in the day; and the publisher has revealed that a few of their upcoming... More »


Solo Play in Dead Space Was Too Scary, So Dead Space 3 Will Have Co-op

By Ian Miles Cheong20th Jul

EA says that Dead Space 3 will see the addition of co-op because of feedback the company was getting from people who played the first... More »

Dead Space 3: An In-Depth Look, and First Gameplay Demo By Ian Miles Cheong15th Jun

Visceral has updated the official Dead Space channel on YouTube with an "official first gameplay" of Dead Space 3 which... More »


Dead Space Producer: Wii U Dead Space 3 Port Not 'Currently in the Plan"

By Alex Co14th Jun

If you were hoping to dismember necromorphs using the Wii U's GamePad, then you might be waiting for a long time. Steve Papoutsis,... More »

Dead Space 3 Official Trailer Showcases Storyline By Ian Miles Cheong7th Jun

Dead Space 3 was shown off a couple of days ago at EA's live press conference at E3. The demo preview showcased two players in... More »

Dead Space 3 Offers Co-Op, Takes Place on an Icy Planet By Ian Miles Cheong4th Jun

EA has officially announced Dead Space 3—a game whose existence was leaked months ahead of the official reveal... More »


Dead Space 3 Details Emerge; Co-op Confirmed

By Zak Islam3rd Jun

Game Informer's latest magazine issue has arrived for subscribers, subsequently unveiling the first details for Dead Space... More »


Horror Returns in Dead Space 3: First Screenshot Features Isaac Clarke

By Ian Miles Cheong1st Jun

Horror returns to the gaming consoles as players are set to step back into the shoes of Isaac Clarke, who returns for a third entry... More »


Leaked Dead Space 3 Screens Heavily Imply Co-op, New Rigs & Enemies with Guns!

By Alex Co31st May

It seems a few screenshots of Dead Space 3 has made its way online and shows more than the game's pretty graphics. One of the screenshots show... More »


Dead Space 3 will be at E3, coming early 2013

By Mat Growcott10th May

EA confirmed at their financial report this week that a new unspecified Dead Space game will be being released in the first quarter of... More »


Dead Space 3 will let you face untold horrors... with a friend

By Mat Growcott9th May

Every rumour we've seen concerning Dead Space 3 seems to imply that Visceral will be shaking things up quite a bit in the next... More »


Dead Space 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2 revealed by Retailer?

By Mat Growcott18th Apr

BT Games, the South African retailer who revealed God of War IV and the European release date of the Wii U, have added another slip up... More »


Dead Space 3 Devs Want 60FPS, Cutting Edge Graphics in Next-Gen Consoles

By Ian Miles Cheong9th Apr

Speaking to 360 Magazine, Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis shared his team's thoughts on what they wanted out of a... More »


Dead Space 3 to run on Frostbite 2.0, Could be an FPS

By Mat Growcott1st Mar

Dead Space 1 and 2 are incredibly well-loved this generation - a couple of the few survival horror games to make it into existence... More »


Dead Space 3 Plot Leaked, Isaac Makes Planetfall on Frozen Planet

By Ian Miles Cheong26th Sep

If you thought that Dead Space 2 would be the final chapter in Isaac Clarke's deep space adventure, you'd be dead wrong.... More »


EA Accidentally Announces Dead Space 3?

16th Feb

In a recent speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, EA CEO, John Riccitiello, nonchalantly revealed that he... More »