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8.9 reviews

The new SimCity will feature an in-depth multiplayer component including cloud saves, player statistics, and interactions with other real-life players. It'll also support "tens of thousands" of people and vehicles, which can all be moving at once.

Genre: Simulations
Platforms: PC 

Developer Maxis Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date Mar 05, 2013

SimCity Reviews PC 

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10 reviews review
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9.5 reviews review
SimCity is a near-perfect fusion of the classic simulation game with modern social and online play elements. It is in every way the fully realized evolution of the franchise and a much welcome iteration, perfectly engineered to dispense the maximum amount of fun in the most efficient way possible. It is highly addicting, but there are worse things to be addicted to. Just be sure to set an alarm.
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9.4 reviews review
What all of this tells you is very little. And that’s the problem with this review but not the problem with the game. What SimCity offers is so much potential for so much expanded and persistent gameplay that its mindboggling. All I can actively offer you is what the game offers you upon firing up, and in that sense it’s a fricking addictive affair. The game paces its information at you incredibly well, and the UI and information overlays are complex but easy to understand and navigate. The more you use them, the more you learn and the better your city will become as a result. The sharing potential between cities and the co-op that stems from such a rewarding system is going to be one of the strongest and most compelling components to this release. For me, the real magic in SimCity is going to be how the community builds and reacts to all of the awesomeness on offer.
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9 reviews review
By the time you’ve mastered the game, you’ll get an appreciation of how hard it is to run a sustainable city. You can build it around ore deposits, but one day your mine will go dry and you’ll be left with a lot of pollution. The game is as enchanting as it was when it first debuted so many years ago.
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8 reviews review
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