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Tekken Hybrid

7.3 reviews

Tekken Hybrid is a collection of games containing Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D, and Tekken Tag Tournament. It also contains a "Prologue" demo for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: PS3 

Developer Namco Bandai Games Publisher Namco Bandai Games Release Date Nov 23, 2011

Tekken Hybrid Reviews PS3 

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8 reviews

impulsegamer.com review
Although from a Western point of view, the story is a little extravagant and nonsensical but seeing the amazing CGI animation is definitely worth the admission price alone and the fight sequence at the end is thoroughly cool. Nonetheless, it looks gorgeous on Blu-ray and is on par with other Eastern CGI releases such as Final Fantasy.
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8 reviews

psu.com review
This isn’t always a bad thing, as you’ll be turning to your attention more to your arsenal of bread-and-butter combos, specials and grapple techniques. Indeed, timing becomes just as instrumental in getting the upper hand on your opponent as it always did, though instead of timing juggles and ‘bouncing’ them for another round ala Tekken 6, you’ll be looking for an opening in your enemy’s attacks to land a clean blow. It’s satisfying and there’s still a fine degree of strategy involved as you mix up attacks, plus advanced fighters will still get a kick out of escaping throws or ‘chickening’ reversals. Of course, the Tag component really adds a new tactical dimension to the tired and tested Tekken paradigm, and it soon becomes apparent your partner is more than just a second health bar. You can tag in an out and any point, sure, but you can also spice things up by smacking your opponent skyward, tagging your partner in, and getting off a small juggle before they land. This also extends to throws too, with King and Armor King in particular possessing jaw-dropping tag grapples.
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8 reviews

ign.com review
That being said, for the Tekken purists out there, there is a lot to love. From the 3D film to the HD-ified Tekken Tag Tournament, if you are a super fan of the series, this is a solid chunk of Tekken content, and a fine way to pass the time until Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits.
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7.8 reviews

gamerstemple.com review
No Synopsis Available
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7.7 reviews

ztgd.com review
Overall, this is a decent package for the hardcore Tekken fan, but not many others. If you are a fighting game fan, the lack of online will be the biggest deterrent, and a demo is still a demo in most people’s eyes. Tekken fans, though, will no doubt feel justified in the price tag considering that Tag is still revered as the best in the series by a lot of faithful. Getting a taste of the sequel is a nice treat, and the movie is not an abomination. So, if you are considering picking this up I suggest, once again, asking yourself, “How big of a Tekken fan am I?”
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