Love Plus has a new Contender, Real Girlfriend

Real Girlfriend Has Face Tracking And 3D Images

by on 24th Nov, 2009

Love Plus, a DS dating sim, has been in the news lately, for some not so appropriate reasons(A dude in Guam recently married a made-up character from Love Plus) but it has a new contender aptly titled "Real Girlfriend" and it puts Love Plus practically to shame.
Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) has face tracking technology via a webcam. When you make motions like nodding "she" can respond to you(any other Bright Ideas?). It also supports 3D glasses – stereoscopic, red and blue 3D glasses to give the illusion of depth.

Real Girlfriend Has Face Tracking And 3D Images

Real Girlfriend also aims to be the most technologically advanced virtual girlfriend game to date. All of the scenes are motion captured, it's compatible with Windows 7, supports wide screen monitors, and multi-core CPUs.
The creators of the game have sadly or surprisingly decided to release the game exclusively in Japan. Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the game.


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