"A Slower Speed of Light" - An Open Source Relativism Simulator

But does it do my laundry at the same relativistic time? I have nothing to wear tomorrow...

by on 1st Nov, 2012

Imagine for a moment that you are a child who has just died. As a spirit, your journey to become one with the light has now begun. In the spirit world, there are small orbs that slow down the light around the child. Collecting these orbs allow a player to inch ever closer to matching the speed of light. Once this objective is met, the child's spirit can move on. 

Sound weird? Well, have you ever talked to a physicist? They are some weird folks!

"A Slower Speed of Light" is a new game from MIT's gGame Lab. Gerd Kortemeyer and his team set about to create an open source game engine that anyone could manipulate for their own purposes. As the game is now, gamers can learn about various concepts in physics like Relativistic Aberration, Time Dilation, and the Lorentz Transformation. I don't know what any of those are but once I play this game I think that I will know a little more than I knew before!

"A Slower Speed of Light" is available through the MIT Game Lab for Windows or Mac. The Source Code is currently marked as IN PROGRESS but will be released, free, for all to use some time in 2013. It is being developed for the Unity3D Game Engine. 

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