Battlefield 3 End Game Trailer Leaked

Battlefield 3's Premium-only video for End Game has made its way online! Go watch it now before it's yanked!

by on 21st Dec, 2012

As we previously reported, today's the day when Battlefield 3 Premium members will finally get their first look at BF3's End Game expansion. But what if you're not a Premium member, then?

Well, lucky for you we have the entire 56-second clip embedded below! In typical DICE fashion, the trailer looks fantastic and we even get to see one of End Game's biggest additions to the franchise -- which are the motorbikes. Watch as two-man teams ride in tandem to rain down hell while blazing through top speed.

Give this a watch now before it gets yanked by EA.

While the trailer itself is quite short, it does reveal a few more details on End Game's levels. For one, there is a lot of greenery to be seen, so that "jungle-style" rumor might have some meat to it, and another thing we've noticed is that the maps seem to be more vertical than usual. 

What I mean by this are the inclusion of ramps. Just from this brief clip I was able to see two ramps that will let players catch some serious air with their motorbikes, which will let them pull of moves like making a chopper explode with C4! Needless to say, I'm expecting a ton of motorbike-related hijinks once End Game is released in March of 2013.

What do you think of End Game from the brief clip shown? Do you think there's more expansions planned for BF3 after this one or will DICE be making room then for Battlefield 4?

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